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So, you're a Star Wars fan, and you are a toy fan. So, you probably have questions for Hasbro about their latest offerings. And up until now, you had to go somewhere else to ask those questions.

Not any more! ASM is now participating in Hasbro's frequent Star Wars Q&A session, so send any questions to . We'll pick the two best questions and send them off to Hasbro each round. The next round of questions are due March 18, 2010 by 10:00pm ET!

There are a few rules for this:

  • Hasbro probably won't answer questions about future product unless they can reveal it to the public, so keep that in mind if you ask about future toys.
  • Be constructive in your questions. Don't just say, "This toy sucked!" If you have a legitimate complaint or question about a feature that turned out to be not so great in your viewpoint, please word it properly.
  • We may edit your question for clarity and length.
  • Each person may send two questions to us, but we reserve the right to choose only one of them. If you have more than one question, you may send them in, but please put the question most important to you first! That way, we know which question is the one you'd really like answered.

Keep watching the site or our Twitter feed for the answers! Check out previous sessions below:

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