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Toy Review Advent Calendar: The Bot Bringing Presents to All Good Little Children

ToyReviewAdventCalendarWell, this review is part of the Toy Review Advent Calendar, and I love Transformers, so of course I would pick a Transformer with a holiday theme. No, I didn’t choose a robot from any of the Marvel UK comics Christmas issues — I speak of course, of the bot that brings gifts to all girls and boys — Wreck-Gar!

TFA_WG_HeadYou don’t believe me? Oh, do you not remember “Transformers: Animated”? Wreck-Gar decided to play the part of Santa Claus and deliver garbage to all the kids in the episode “Human Error

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Random Transformers News Occupying My Brain – August 23rd Edition

1) The official Transformers YouTube account put up a teaser clip from the upcoming Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising movie:


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TFA S3E01 – “Transwarped”

Okay, here’s a quick review of the season 3 premiere episode of “Transformers: Animated”, entitled “Transwarped”:

Derrick J. Wyatt is awesome.

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Derrick Teases “Transwarped”

Derrick Wyatt has updated his blog with teaser images from the upcoming “Transformers Animated” Season 3 premiere movie “Transwarped”.  The episode airs this Saturday at 8am on Cartoon Network (be sure to check local listings for the exact time in your time zone).

It looks really cool.  Have I mentioned how much I love the TF:A show?  And the toys?  And Derrick?


Well, uh, consider it mentioned.