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BotCon Reveals 2014 Figure – Decepticon Pirate Scorponok with Headmaster Olin Zarak

Well, to quote a spinach-eating sailor man, blow me down.  Or as I tweeted,

I’ve lamented that we weren’t getting Nightbeat as a Headmaster later this year.  I’ve wondered if we’d ever get a Headmaster figure again.  Looks like BotCon has answered my mostly-unheard request, because lo and behold, they just showed off Decepticon Pirate Scorponok with Headmaster Olin Zarak.

scrponokBOTwebLook at him.  Look at how glorious he is.  LOOK AT THAT HEAD.  It’s like it’s 1987 all over again with that sculpt.  And, apparently, it kind of is:


So, we’ve got a Energon Scorponok in a near perfect G1 deco and an original 1987 a classic Headmaster mold?  Damn.  Home run for G1 fans.

EDIT:  BotCon says it’s they used Encore Spike mold and gave it the Scorponok face.


BotCon Reveals the Third 2014 Exclusive – Cybertronian Knight Devcon!

So, although I haven’t talked about the previous two exclusives (but I will soon), I figure that should change with the third reveal for BotCon 2014 – Devcon, the Cybertronian Knight!

Image via BotCon.com

Image via BotCon.com

Some fans have been waiting for a Devcon toy for almost 30 years.  We almost had him twice — he was a potential toy for BotCon 2002 (a race car)and if 3H had kept the BotCon license, we might have had him for BotCon 2005 or later (a remold of Energon Slugslinger).

They say anticipation makes the heart grow fonder.  I don’t know about that, but at least in this case, anticipation allows us to get a mold that seems better suited for old Devvy, namely that of Generations Scourge.  I mean, look at that body — it’s a great updated robot mode for Devcon.  And the alt mode is no sloucher either:


Image via BotCon.com


Scourge himself was a pretty good update to the 1986 mold, and while the jet/space cruiser/flying thingy here doesn’t quite match up with Devcon’s alt mode as seen in “The Gambler”, it’s a pretty good substitution.

Going back to the robot mode – love the head gun, love the arm gun, love the paint masks.  Yeah.  Devcon’s a keeper.  Not sure I’d call Devcon a Knight, but hey, stranger things have happened.

Thumbs up, Fun Pub.  Gimme.

BotCon Introduces Us To Tornado, the Decepticon Saboteur, and His Facebook Page

In a nice bit of pre-BotCon hype, the organizers of the 20th annual Transformers Convention have introduced us to Tornado, the Decepticon Saboteur, one the characters who will feature in this year’s “Pirates vs. Knights” set.  And they’ve done this not on their own website, but via a new Facebook Page.  By following Tornado, you’ll learn more about this saboteur via status updates as well as links to his personal logs (which are very handily stored as PDFs on Google Drive.  The Big G even gets used by Transformers.  Who knew?)

Tornado also helpfully posted this artwork of himself.

Image courtesy BotCon/Tornado's Facebook page

Image courtesy BotCon/Tornado’s Facebook page

Very nice.  Next, let’s see a selfie on Instagram.

I kid, but I’m really digging this new approach to pre-convention fiction.  This reminds me a lot of the old Apelinq War Journals that were on BotConBeyond.com in the 3H era, written by Rob “Tengu” Gerbracht.  It provided some nice fiction updates every so often, and it helped fans deal with the wait for the convention itself.  I see this doing the same thing, and I applaud Fun Publications for doing something different with their fiction this year.  Kudos, good people.

Source: Tornado – Decepticon Saboteur Facebook Page

Toy Review – BotCon 2010 Turbomaster (a/k/a Scorch)

BotCon 2010′s theme was “Generation 2: Redux”, a reimagining and extention of the nearly 20-year old (at the time) toy line.  One of the souvenirs was “Turbomaster”, which was a new version of the toy once known as “Scorch”.  A redeco of the Classics/Universe Hound mold, Turbomaster is yellow, orange and grey and comes with the nicest transforming jaguar you’ll ever meet.  But how good is Turbomaster?  Read on!

Turbomaster_Robot_Head Read more

Transformers Construct-Bots Elite Revealed at BotCon

The following Transformers Construct-Bots Elite were just revealed at BotCon 2013:

  • Dragstrip
  • Shockwave
  • Smokescreen


Transformers Hall of Fame 2013 Winners Revealed at BotCon

Just moments ago, Hasbro revealed the 2013 entrees to the Transformers Hall of Fame.

This year’s TRANSFORMERS Hall of Fame class, as entirely voted on by TRANSFORMERS fans online, consists of the following two characters:


An insane, hyper-intelligent criminal mastermind who led a group of renegade PREDACONS to Earth in search of the Energon they would need to conquer CYBERTRON, MEGATRON became so much more than a petty felon. When the search led to the discovery of alien artifacts, MEGATRON launched an assault on Time itself, seeking to change history to his benefit. He nearly destroyed CYBERTRON in his mad quest to exterminate the TRANSFORMERS, and was stopped only when OPTIMUS PRIMAL brought him down. He returned, determined to have his vengeance, and his battle with the MAXIMAL leader raged across the multiverse!





ultramagnusULTRA MAGNUS

As the commander of the most elite AUTOBOT special forces unit ever assembled, you’d expect ULTRA MAGNUS to be just about one of the most unstoppable warriors this side of the galactic core. You’d be right. If there is any AUTOBOT the DECEPTICONS fear as much as OPTIMUS PRIME, it is ULTRA MAGNUS. His battle hammer has crushed chassis from one side of the galaxy to the other. No battlefield on which his armored feet have stepped has ever been yielded to the DECEPTICONS.


Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Voyagers Revealed at BotCon

The following  Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Voyager figures were just revealed at BotCon 2013:

  • A6212 Beast Hunter Optimus
  • A6213 Predaking

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Deluxe Revealed at BotCon

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Deluxe were just announced at BotCon

  • A4689 Prowl
  • A6214 Bumblebee
  • A6215 Twinstrike
  • A6216 Smokescreen
  • A6217 Windrazor

Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Commanders Revealed at BotCon

The following Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Commander figures were just announced at BotCon

·         A4706 Megatron
·         A4705 Ultra Magnus
·         A4704 Bludgeon

BotCon 2012 Toy Reveal – Autobot Pretender Metalhawk

The sixth and final toy of BotCon 2012‘s box set has been revealed. We’ve known for some time that it was Metalhawk. We saw a blurry picture of him on the registration page. We saw control art for the toy. But BotCon has finally revealed the toy in full.

Metalhawk was a Japanese-only Pretender released in 1988, and for the longest time he was one of Transformers fandom’s Holy Grails. He was unlike other Pretenders as Metalhawk had a removable helmet, had a full face, and most importantly, he was made of die-cast metal. But now he’s been reborn as a Transformers Timeline exclusive.

Image via BotCon.com

Let’s look at the jet mode. As a blue jet with red and white highlights, it re-imagines the deco of the original jet toy extremely well. It’s not a direct copy of the deco, and it uses white instead of grey, but on the whole it looks good and brings to mind the original toy. Some yellow on the jet might have been a good complementary color as well as bring to mind the gold undercarriage of the original toy, but as it stands, it’s got the blue and the red, a good look.

Image via BotCon.com

As for the robot mode… this is where it gets weird. This obviously attempts to recreate the Pretender shell and not the original robot toy. And it does it quite well. The chest especially gets the deco right — red with yellow. Blue shoulders, white and blue legs — check and check. It’s when we examine the head that things are a bit… off.

Image via BotCon.com

First off, I think my own design aesthetics would prefer a bit of a sunken face to make the helmet portion stand out better. Plus, a bit of red on the crest would do wonders as well. But the thing that gets me the most is how small the head seems in comparison to the rest of the body. Transformers fan awa64 commented that because it’s a human face, perhaps we expect human proportions, and a robot face can get away with different proportions. I think he’s right. It’s not that the head on this Metalhawk is bad. It just looks off by a bit.

Is this the homerun I was hoping for? No, not quite. A bigger head — or even a bigger helmet — might have made the toy a four-bagger. As it is, though, it’s still a solid toy. Some might say the colors are bright and garish, but so was the 1988 version.