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Hasbro Announces New TRANSFORMERS: EARTH WARS Mobile Game; Features Cullen, Weller, Furman

I love Transformers. I love mobile games, as they’re the only gaming I do these days. I love Peter Cullen and Frank Weller voicing their G1 characters. And Simon Furman’s G1 story will always hold a special place in my heart.

Did Hasbro make this game just for me?

Below is a press release about a new TRANSFORMERS: EARTH WARS mobile game coming this spring, featuring Cullen as Optimus Prime and Welker as Megatron, with a story written by Furman.

Just add Vince DiCola music and I’d buy stake in the company.  And now that I have an iPad, I can try both iOS and Android versions. Can’t wait to try it out!  

Hasbro, Backflip Studios and Space Ape Games Bring The Fight Home with TRANSFORMERS: EARTH WARS; Game Coming To iOS And Android in Select Markets Spring 2016

Battle as AUTOBOTS or DECEPTICONS and Fight Against Live Opponents Around the World In First TRANSFORMERS Real-Time Combat Strategy Game

Boulder, CO (Feb. 10, 2016) – This spring, fans of the beloved TRANSFORMERS brand from Hasbro, Inc. will have the opportunity to harness legendary characters, including  OPTIMUS PRIME, MEGATRON, BUMBLEBEE and STARSCREAM, in the palm of their hands with TRANSFORMERS: EARTH WARS – the latest real-time combat strategy mobile app. Published by Backflip Studios (DragonVale, Ninjump, Paper Toss) and developed by Space Ape Games (Rival Kingdoms, Samurai Siege), TRANSFORMERS: EARTH WARS brings the excitement of the battle between AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS to supported mobile devices with fast-paced gameplay and beautiful 3D animation, allowing the characters to attack, battle, and change form right before a player’s eyes.
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Mezco Presents Mortal Kombat X Series 2


I know I haven’t talked much about Mortal Kombat on ASM. Truth is, I loved the original few games. Kitana and Sub-Zero? Those were my jam in the MK2 middle of a sandwich with MK1 and Ultimate MK3 as the… horrible analogy gone even more wrong. Anyway, suffice it to say, I plunked many a quarter into those games back in the day, but I didn’t keep up after I left college and didn’t have easy access to arcade games, nor a home console powerful enough to play the later versions.

But when I saw these pics from Mezco, I instantly thought two things: 1) Holy cow, things sure look different in Mortal Kombat X than I remember and 2) I wonder if I could still kick butt with Kitana. (Answer: No.)

Still, I may have to start looking at these MK figures that Mezco is putting out. They look rather nice, and the scale is great. Read more about it in the press release after the jump.

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Jagex Uploads “Transformers Universe” Trailer Featuring Gameplay

The fine folks at Jagex just uploaded a trailer of the upcoming “Transformers Universe” game to YouTube.  In this new trailer, you see teases of the gameplay involved as you join a side and fight your enemy.  Take a look:

ASM: It looks good so far, but as I’m not a huge gamer, I’m probably not the right person to judge.  Anyone else have thoughts?

CCP & Dark Horse Release Eve: True Stories Free Digitally

Issue #1 of CCP Game’s Anticipated EVE: True Stories Graphic Novel Available Now for Free Download via Dark Horse Digital

EVE TRUE STORIES 1CCP Games, the world’s leading independent developer of massively multiplayer games and creators of EVE Online, along with Dark Horse, are pleased to announce that the first issue of EVE: True Stories, “Thieves Among Us,” is now available as a free download from Dark Horse Digital or via the Dark Horse Android and iOS apps.

Issue #1 of the EVE: True Stories graphic novel dramatizes the opening throes of one of the greatest gaming stories of the last decade – the fall of the player alliance known as the Band of Brothers. Filled with action and intrigue, “Thieves Among Us” is inspired by actual player-driven events. Issue #1 is written by legendary writer Daniel Way (Wolverine: Origins, Deadpool) and features the artwork of Tomm Coker (Daredevil Noir, Near Death) with cover art by David Palumbo (ALIENS, Heavy Metal).

Future instalments of EVE: True Stories will arrive digitally on 5th March, 19th March and 2nd April 2014, via Dark Horse Digital.

The hardback prestige collected edition of EVE: True Stories, containing all four comics, will go on sale in book and comic book stores, 4th June, 2014.


Dark Horse and Team Ninja Release YAIBA: NINJA GAIDEN Z #1



 Comic-Inspired Action Title Confirms New North American Release Date

YNGZCC CoverTeam NINJA and Dark Horse Comics today launched the three-part YAIBA: NINJA GAIDEN Z digital comic series, providing insight into the backstory in three revealing vignettes. Yaiba takes a break from slaughtering zombies in the debut issue to tell the tale of how his often bloody sword became to be known as “Heartless” as he recounts the story to MissMonday. Initially released digitally with an all-new full color print comic to be available with the game, as it launches on its newly confirmed North American release date of March 18, 2014, the series is brought to life by Writers Tim Seeley and Josh Emmons, Artist Rafael Ortiz, Colorist Carlos Badilla with special cover art by James Harren. The comic will be available for free download at the Dark Horse Digital Store,, as well as through the Dark Horse Comics app (available through iTunes & Google Play). The comic can be found at:

In YAIBA: NINJA GAIDEN Z, players will battle fierce zombies as Yaiba, a cyborg ninja who will do anything to get revenge and stay alive. Cleaved in two, he is brought back to life with cyber-technology. Brandishing his ninja sword and the mecha weapons in his cyber arm, he slaughters zombies with brutal, over-the-top abandon. Step into a stylized living comic book where stunning graphics depict a world gone mad. Hordes of undead can only be stopped by Yaiba’s willingness to use any means necessary to get the job done. Will he kill by turning his cyber arm into a razor chainsaw for slicing up undead—or just rip off an opponent’s arms to use as zombie nunchucks? Both possibilities fill Yaiba’s heart with twisted laughter in this collaboration between famed developers Team NINJA and comcept’s Keiji Inafune. Read more

Press Release and Images – Hasbro and Rovio Team Up for Angry Birds Star Wars

A little over a week ago, Rovio teased the gaming community with what turned out to be the next game in the “Angry Birds” series —  Angry Birds Star Wars.  Hasbro and Rovio have teamed up to release toys and other items to take advantage of this gaming collaboration between Rovio and Lucasfilm.  You can see the full gallery in our Geekly Rewind Gallery, or hit the jump for select images and the press release!

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New Geek Toys – The iPhone 5/Wii U Edition

It’s nearing the holidays, so that means it’s time for New Geek Toys!  Hit the jump to read my thoughts on Apple and Nintendo’s offerings.  Read more

Transformers Universe MMO: Concept Art and More

Earlier this month in conjunction with BotCon, Jagex announced the title of their new upcoming Transformers MMO (massive multiplayer online game) – Transformers Universe.  At BotCon, we conducted an interview with Jagex, and we promised more coverage soon.  Well, soon is now.  Jagex has been kind enough to send over some concept art from the upcoming game.   Read more

BotCon 2011: Interview with Jagex about “Transformers Universe” MMO

By Jennifer Ulm with Douglass Kern

At BotCon 2010, our own Jennifer Ulm was able to get an interview with Kris Jones, Executive Producer of “Transformers Universe” at Jagex.  Hear what he had to say about the upcoming MMO!

ASM: From what we’ve seen, the art style is inspired by Transformers Prime. Will we also see that in the story and setting?

Kris: Basically, we’re still deciding what the game’s environment is going to be. You’re right that art style-wise we’ve taken a lot of Transformers Prime’s cues, but we have a lot of freedom to use characters that aren’t necessarily Prime. You’ll notice that Prowl and Barricade who aren’t in the cartoon are here today (he gestures to two character standees), and the player character over there (a third standee of a bulky blue Autobot). It goes without saying we’ll be using the big characters. Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Megatron… Read more

Press Release: Jagex Games Studio Announces Details of Transformers MMO at BOTCON 2011




The title of the upcoming Transformers MMO

CAMBRIDGE, UK – JUNE 1, 2011 – Jagex Games Studio, one of the largest independent games developers and publishers in the world, today announced the much anticipated name;TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE for the upcoming MMO based on the iconic TRANSFORMERS brand from Hasbro, Inc. as well as plans to attend TRANSFORMERS BotCon 2011, the official TRANSFORMERS fan convention, to unveil their vision for the browser based MMO for the Western World markets. Read more