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Joliet Public Library Annual Star Wars Day 6/1/2013 (With Photo Gallery)

GroupShot01On Saturday, June 1st, the Joliet Public Library in Joliet, IL, hosted their annual Star Wars Day.  This year’s event was again held at the Joliet Public Library, with additional displays hosted at the Joliet Historical Museum.

The 501st Legion and the Rebel Legion again provided many of the displays.  These displays included many screen accurate costumes and props constructed by members of these organizations.  Also on hand were the R2 Builders, with a display of several droid units built by their members.  Members of all organizations were on hand to answer any questions from visitors.  The organizations also hosted an Imperial Academy game / training course for children to  train as clonetroopers.

Exhibitors and vendors this year included Graham Cracker Comics, Legoland, The Wandering Dragon, Sincere Costumes, and Gallery 1700.  These exhibitors and vendors hosted stations both in and outside the library for visitors to enjoy.

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My Take on a Live-Action “Star Wars” TV Show

So, the news came out yesterday that Disney is still looking at the live-action Star Wars television series.

Here’s my quick take on it.

They’re going for grim and gritty.  They want to explore the “seedy underside” of that galaxy.  They want “Deadwood” in the Star Wars Universe.

Listen.  The most adult/grown-up channel Disney owns is ABC.  They don’t own a Spike, or an FX, or even an AMC.  ABC.

Grim and gritty is going to be sanitized a lot for ABC.

Ron Moore’s attachment brings some good news, but even “Battlestar Galactica” and “Caprica” had some real clunker plotlines.  Take the bad with the good.

“S.H.I.E.L.D.” sets forth good precedent, but it’s not quite the same thing.

I’ll believe this show is happening when I see it.

Star Wars: Detours — Eh.

So, the big Super Secret Panel at Star Wars Celebration VI the past two days was about the new “Star Wars: Detours” animated comedy series from Seth Green and the folks behind “Robot Chicken.” Check it out after the jump. Read more