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The Case for a The Black Series 6″ Mara Jade

Look, I know I don’t usually cover Star Wars figures, I know I have BotCon info to put up, and I know I am not even part of the polling process, but I need to get this out there.

The only character you should vote for in the Star Wars 2015 Fans’ Choice Poll is Mara Jade.

I admit that I’m biased. My wife is a huge Mara fan. But honestly, there is no better choice for the winner, simply because this is the best opportunity.

I know the 6″ The Black Series line is missing a lot of iconic characters.  We don’t have Classic Leia, ANH Luke, any Lando, C-3P0, old Ben Kenobi, and many others.  But here’s what I think – those are all on the short list. We need to not vote for those.

The old Expanded Universe is now Legends status. Over time, as Disney expands the new canon, the Legends characters will become less and less important. Newer fans will not know Mara, Thrawn, Quinlan, Jaina, Jacen, and so many others. Therefore, we need to, as a fan base, vote now for Expanded Universe characters, primarily Mara.

A vote for Leia could be a wasted vote. A farm boy Luke is going to happen.  So make your vote count. Vote for Mara.

Here is a list of participating sites. This list will be updates as time goes by.

Funko’s Final Star Wars Celebration Exclusives

Star Wars Celebration starts tomorrow, and we’re getting caught up on these Funko announcements.  At booth 1410, you will have the opportunity to buy a lot of awesome Funko Star Wars merchandise!  We already showed you some of the exclusives; here are the rest!

hikarigreedoVerdigris Greedo Hikari Premium Sofubi Figure

Limited to 500

hikarifettMatte Black Boba Fett Hikari Premium Sofubi Figure

Limited to 1000

hikariicetrooperIcey Storm Trooper Hikari Premium Sofubi Figure

Limited to 750

hikariclonetrooperStar Clone Trooper Hikari Premium Sofubi Figure

Limited to 1000

super7stormtrooperFunko x Super 7 Super Shogun: Shadowtrooper

24″ tall, features a left fist launcher and wheeled feet

super7fettSuper Shogun: Boba Fett

24″ tall with wheeled feet and features a wrist and jetpack launcher

Man, I wish I was going to Star Wars Celebration…..


Funko Announces First Star Wars Celebration Exclusives

Funko has announced that they will be at Star Wars Celebration in just a few weeks, and if you are going, you can find them in booth 1410.  And, of course, it would be a Funko convention showing without some cool exclusives! Here are the first five exclusives, and two more announcements will be made in the coming weeks.


Unmaksed Vader


Shock Trooper


Funko’s May the 4th Be With You Contest — Still Going On!

If you got caught up too much in Star Wars Day celebrations — or you hate “May the Fourth” so much you turned off your phone and computer for 24 hours — and missed Funko’s “May the 4″ Contest, don’t worry — you still have time to enter!

Funko is giving away four prototypes from their Pop!: Star Wars line.  One winner will receive prototypes of The Emperor, Biker Scout, Bossk, and Luke Skywalker Hoth.  These are the prototypes made to test out the characters and features, and are limited to five prototypes.  That’s it.  Five.  In the entire world (or galaxy).  This is some pretty limited stuff here.


So how do you enter?  Here, I’ll let Funko themselves answer this:

We want to see your Star Wars pride!
Take a photo of ANYTHING Star Wars related, post the photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the following caption:
“May the 4th be with me to win a set of Star Wars Pop! Prototypes from @OriginalFunko #FunkoProto #Funko #StarWars”
Don’t forget to tag @OriginalFunko in the photo!

The giveaway will run until the Sith Lord shuts it down on May the Sith!
(May 6th)

There you go.  Tag @OriginalFunko on Twitter (, Instagram ( or Facebook ( with your Star Wars related picture.  Good luck!

Hasbro Reveals 6″ The Black Series Yoda and SDCC Jabba the Hutt

As part of yesterday’s “Star Wars Day” celebration, Hasbro revealed two new figures in their popular 6″ The Black Series line.  First off, as announced by voice actor Tom Kane on the Star Wars Instagram channel, we will be getting a figure of Yoda:


And for San Diego Comic Con 2014, we will get a 6″ scale Jabba the Hutt with Salacious Crumb!

Hasbro 2014 SDCC Jabba set_detail photo1 Read more

#NYCC – Hasbro’s Star Wars Reveals

Tonight, Hasbro held a pre-NYCC cocktail party called “Twas the Night Before…”  This party gave media sites the chance to preview new product as well as mingle with fellow fans.  Here’s what Hasbro debuted for Star Wars:


Tonight’s reveal was all about Episode III, with the debut of Anakin Skywalker.


(Approximate retail price: $19.99; Ages: 4 & up; Available: Spring 2014)

In 2013, Hasbro took collectible STAR WARS action figures to the next level with the introduction of the six-inch BLACK SERIES action figure line! This exceptional collection of figures features incredibly accurate design and a high level of articulation of the greatest characters from the STAR WARS universe. After the incredible success of the action figures revealed in 2013, we’re excited to reveal for the first time at HASBRO’S annual New York Comic Con party, Episode 3 ANAKIN SKYWALKER action figure!

BLACK SERIES – 3.75 Inch

The 3.75 inch Black Series takes us to The Empire Strikes Back with Luke Skywalker, Yoda (the two of which can be put together), Toryn Farr and Snowtrooper Commander.


(Approximate retail price: $9.99; Ages: 4 & up; Available: Spring 2014)

Complimenting the six-inch STAR WARS BLACK SERIES collection is the 3.75-inch BLACK SERIES figure assortment which features the exceptionally accurate detail and superb articulation customary to HASBRO’s action figures. Being revealed and seen for the first time at HASBRO’S annual New York Comic Con party is Wave 2, consisting of the following figures: Episode 5 LUKE SKYWALKER, Episode 5 YODA, Episode 5 SNOWTROOPER COMMANDER, and Episode 5 TORYN FARR. Each sold separately.


No figures were shown of the 2014 television series, but we did see the packaging.


Read more

Funko Presents Star Wars: Series 4

Funko has sent over pictures of new Star Wars Pop! Vinyl figures and they’re so cute you may just go nuts.  Available October 24th, you can get Jar Jar Binks, Queen Amidala, R2-D2, Admiral Ackbar, Wicket the Ewok, and my personal favorite – Lando Calrissian.  Your toy shelf needs a Lando Pop! Vinyl.  Trust me.


I mean, come on, how can you not want that?

Hasbro Reveals from Star Wars Celebration Europe

In Essen, Germany, this past weekend, Star Wars fandom converged at Star Wars Celebration Europe.  As part of the festivities, Hasbro presented a panel highlighting new and upcoming Star Wars toys.  The good people at Hunter PR and Hasbro sent over images of their reveals, which you can look at in the galleries below.

Star Wars: The Black Series – 3 3/4″ Line

Star Wars: The Black Series – 6″ Line

#SDCC13 Hasbro Star Wars Reveals – Saga Legends

Yesterday at San Diego Comic Con 2013, Hasbro held their Star Wars panel, and now they’ve sent over pictures of new items they revealed.  In this set we have figures from their Saga Legends line:

  • Boba Fett
  • Captain Rex
  • Commander Cody

#SDCC13 Hasbro Star Wars Reveals – Class II Vehicles

Yesterday at San Diego Comic Con 2013, Hasbro held their Star Wars panel, and now they’ve sent over pictures of new items they revealed.  In this set we have figures from their Class II Vehicle line:

  • Anakin’s Starfighter
  • Boba Fett’s Slave I
  • Obi-Wan’s Starfighter