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SDCC 2015: A Look at the Kreon Class of 1985

If you’re looking for good photos of this toy,um, sorry. I don’t have a good photo setup at the moment, but I hope to change that in the future. Enjoy these official press photos, won’t you? Review sample provided by Hasbro and Hunter PR.

When Hasbro announced that there would be a follow-up to last year’s Comic Con Kreon exclusive set, I got giddy. While I’m not a huge collector of Kreons, I understand their appeal. I also can get behind themed sets that are just fun, if not completely goofy. The Yearbook Kreon sets are just that – whimsical presentations of the characters kids of the 1980’s grew up with.

Last year’s inaugural set was the class of 1984, celebrating the 30 year anniversary of the Transformers. Naturally, this year would have to be the Class of 1985, presenting characters that (mostly) had toys released in 1985.

The cool thing about this set is you can enjoy it both in and out of the box, it can be enjoyed. The packaging is a big part of the fun, as it’s designed to look like a yearbook.  The front cover features Grimlock, the back features Devastator,and “Cybertron Class of 1985″ adorns both.  The top and bottom are printed to look like book pages with the ttext “Property of Cybertron High” stamped as if owned by a school library.  Open it up, and there you see all the Kreons smiling back at you, all lined up and ready to be displayed in their protective case.  It does remind me of the senior pictures that we had in our yearbooks,complete with name and Senior Award.

If you wanted to stop there, nobody would fault you for keeping the Kreons in the book packaging.  But if you take the Kreons out, then you can have more fun with the included accessories.  Each Kreon has a weapon, but there is also a handful of extra bits, called Artifacts, all tied to some of the best movies of 1985.  We have Unicron Cereal, jackets, a map, and gold coins, but my favorites are the Back to the Future homages — a newspaper, a sports almanac, and the wild, white hair of a certain time travelling scientist.  These little touches of whimsy add to the notion that Kreons are all about fun, with nary a thought of doom or gloom.

You don’t need the previous year set to enjoy this one, but I’ll admit, it will look nice having both sets together. Now I just have to prepare my display setup for eventual classes of 1986 and beyond.

If you are heading to the show, I recommend you take the time to go to Hasbro’s booth and pick a set up. If you aren’t going to Comic Con, either have a friend grab one or pray the Internet gods are on your side when Hasbro Toy Shop gets their limited supply in stock. I love fun exclusives, and this set fits the bill. Well done, Hasbro.


Mezco Reveals 2014 Toy Fair Limited Edition Collectible: Breaking Bad Walter White Figure

As a prelude to next month’s Toy Fair show, Mezco Toys revealed their exclusive show figure – Walter White from “Breaking Bad”.  Because Toy Fair is not open to the general public, Mezco will be making this figure available via their website, although quantities will be limited.  The link to order is  See images below and the full press release after the jump.


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The Transformers Club FSS2.0 Has Begun!


The Transformers Figure Subscription Service 2.0 has begun!

Fort Worth, TX – September 26th, 2012 – Fun Publications, Inc., licensee for Hasbro’s official Transformers Collectors’ Club, has begun taking orders for the Transformers Figure Subscription Service (TFSS) 2.0. The TFSS 2.0 is only available to active club members. This service is an optional feature and is not included in the cost of the annual Transformers Collectors’ Club (TCC) membership.

tfss_adThe TFSS 2.0 consists of six different Transformers toys. Those who order will receive six shipments starting in approximately February 2014, and then each month after that for a total of six months. Figures will be shipped in a random sequence (figure shipments will be the same for everyone each month) and it will be a surprise each month as to which figure people receive! The last shipment (6th shipment) will include a FREE mystery figure! That’s right, anyone who signs up for the TFSS 2.0 will get a BONUS 7th figure! This 7th figure will never be sold in the club store. The only way to guarantee getting it is to sign up for the TFSS 2.0.

The limited edition TFSS 2.0 contains a variety of fan favorite characters from across the Transformers mythos, all tied together by a great comic story. The assortment includes Treadshot w/Catgut, Chromedome w/ Stylor, Rewind, Barricade w/ Frenzy, Fisitron and Thrustinator. Three of the figures feature ALL-NEW head sculpts. You will definitely want these toys as part of your Transformers Collection!

Fun Publications will only be taking orders for the TFSS 2.0 thru October 17th so fans will want to order theirs TODAY!

For more information on the exclusive figure offerings of the TFSS 2.0, the comic story behind the toys and membership to the Transformers Collectors’ Club, please visit

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Final Transformers Club Figure Revealed – Chromedome!

We all knew this was coming, and Chromedome was probably the most anticipated figure, so it makes sense the Transformers Club would reveal his figure last.

chromedomeBOTwebchromedomeALTwebI really love the look of Chromedome’s deco on Wheeljack’s body.  It’s a fantastic recreation of the G1 character, and yeah, the robot does the same fakery with the chest panel, but it still looks great.

Except for that CG head.  It just looks out of place, right now, and we’ll have to wait to see production samples.  It looks like it’ll be good, but there’s something a bit… off about it, with it not being a real, plastic piece.

Remember, the TF Club revealed Nick Roche’s head turnaround earlier:


So, all in all, a pretty positive reveal, barring any weirdness with the actual head.

Waspy Has Plannz – Apparently A Double Date With Thrust

Hot off the comic reveal of Thrustinator yesterday, the Transformers Club revealed the full figure mock-up of this fusion of Waspinator and Thrust, as well as the 3D design of the new head:


In the blurb on their website, the TCC said that Waspinator got a new body after the events of “Beast Machines”, but he has to share it with Thrust.  This new merged “Thrustinator” has planzz which we will see very soon.

I can’t wait.  This is so odd, bizarre, and unexpected that I love it.  If it weren’t for the fact that it uses Dirgegun’s mold, I’d say there was no way in hell Thrustinator could transform into that bug mode.

I can’t WAIT to get my hands on this figure!

The TF Club Reveals Final FSS Character — And You Won’t Believe It

Today, the Transformers Club revealed the final pages of the FSS2.0 Preview comic, and you can read them via this link:

In this comic, we see more doings of Heinrad and Rhinox in Axiom Nexus, spying on a new uncatalogued reality that seems to be changing and picking up bits and pieces of other realities all the time.  In it we see Chromedome, Stylor, Rewind, and Treadshot, in addition to the previously seen Barricade and Fisitron.  So that’s the five known characters… but who’s the sixth?

It’s Thrustinator, a post-“Beast Machines” Waspinator/Thrust, apparently.  At first I thought, “How the heck are they going to remold all those pieces?”  Then, someone reminded me of this guy:


Dirgegun, as seen in the picture.  Looks like he’s might have a new head.  One of the nicest things about this character is that he appears to be characterized as the Waspinator we all knew and loved, or at least I hope so.

This is wacky, and weird, and holy crap so out-of-left-field that it’s awesome.  There are two things nobody expects — the Spanish Inquisition and Thrustinator.  Well done, TF Club.

FSS Updates from the Transformers Club

FSS2.0 Week continues for the Transformers Club.  On Tuesday, they released a 3D rendering of Rewind’s new head:

Rewind-3DheadLooking good with the camera, there!  I’m still jazzed about this toy.

Then, last night, they uploaded 2 pages of the 7-page FSS preview comic to the TCC’s Facebook page.

In it, we see Rhinox and Heinrad viewing a timestream in which Fisitron and Barricade are having a… disagreement about certain crimes Fisitron may or may not have committed.  In it, we also see a reference to “Oil Slick”, who may be another FSS character, or may be a future exclusive (BotCon or otherwise), or may just be a red herring.  Time will tell!

TFSS 2.0 Week full of reveals

For Immediate Release…

This week, the Transformers Collectors’ Club has a full schedule of reveals, all leading up to the start of the subscription period for the Transformers Figure Subscription Service 2.0 (TFSS 2.0). Today, we are thrilled to announce that THREE of the TFSS 2.0 figures will come with an ADDITIONAL Micron accessory figure, which have previously only been available through the Arms Micron Transformers toy line!


The three EXCLUSIVE Micron figures will be FRENZY, STYLOR and CATGUT. STYLOR and CATGUT will be partnered with their Generation 1 counterparts and FRENZY will once again be teamed with the original ‘Bad Cop’ Decepticon!

The current line up for the TFSS 2.0 is:

  • Decepticon Gunslinger TREADSHOT w/ CATGUT
  • Decepticon Enforcement officer BARRICADE w/ FRENZY
  • Autobot Mechatronic Engineer FISITRON (aka IRONFIST)
  • Autobot Memory Archivist REWIND
  • Autobot Forensics and Cerebroscience officer CHROMEDOME w/ STYLOR

Head on over to for all the latest news on the TFSS 2.0 and stay tuned for MORE reveals coming this week!

ASM: I totally applaud this move by the TF Club!  I don’t have any Arms Micron molds, and I’m guessing there are a lot people in the same situation.  This, combined with Rewind, is another way that the club gets some bonus points for giving us toys that are not as easy to get at.

Plus, I love the idea of giving us Stylor even if it’s not as a Headmaster.  Frenzy with Barricade is another awesome pairing, plus Catgut and Treadshot?  Little touches like this are awesome.  Well done!

The Next Transformers Club Figure Makes James Roberts Smile…

…and the rest of us weep bitter tears, each tear filled with our hopes and dreams.  THANKS JAMES.

Anyway, the next figure to be unveiled by the Transformers Club is… Rewind!


I love this figure.  I’m especially happy that it’s a mold that was released only in Japan.  I never got the tape-tank twins, so I’m eager to get my hands on this one.  The deco is fantastic, the new head sculpt with the camera lens is awesome.  Yeah, the alt-mode doesn’t fit with what we saw in the More than Meets the Eye comic; I’m willing to overlook it cause the figure looks great.

But — as the kids say these days — the feels….  *sniff*

EDIT: The Transformers Club just tweeted out a picture of Rewind in his tank mode:

The Latest Transformers Club Figure Reveal Is Fisitron

fisitronBOTAlso known as Ironfist, Fisitron is a redeco of Wreckers Roadbuster, who in turn was a remold of Fall of Cybertron Swindle.  This particular version of Fisitron hails from the Wings Universe, where he wasn’t a member of the Wreckers team.  Instead, he was part of Metalhawk’s Elite Guard team, where he went toe-to-toe with the Combaticons multiple times.

So, what do you think?  It’s a good update from his original G1 toy, keeping the same general color scheme. It’s kind of weird they went with the Elite Guard symbol as opposed to the Wreckers symbol, especially since 1) they talk about the Wreckers in the reveal and how he can combine with the existing Wreckers, and 2) most people probably think of Ironfist from The Last Stand of the Wreckers rather than his Elite Guard adventures.  Still, I’m sure many people will happily just take another Ironfist toy.

fisitronALT(Pictures taken from