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C2E2 2014 – The Anovos Booth


The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo hit the Windy City again this past weekend, and ASM once again had a great time!  One of the booths we spent a lot of time at was that of Anovos.  When we had seen pictures appear that showed they had new Star Wars costumes, we knew we had to have a talk.  You see, here at ASM, we love costuming and we love Star Wars costumes.  We have costumes, we are members of the 501st Legion and Rebel Legion, and we have made many great friends through those organizations.

DSC_1029So, now Anovos is going to make high-end Star Wars costumes.  Could they pass the test of being screen accurate and high quality?  Well, if they’re anything like their Star Trek offerings, we figured they would, but we needed to find out.

Folks, I’ll put this as plainly as possible — these costumes are the real deal.  The Bespin Luke looked spot on, and the clone armor?  Oh my God.  I swear it looks better in some ways than the armor I have.

I had a chance to speak with Joe from Anovos and gleaned a little bit of information from him.

  • First off, pricing and release dates are not set in stone for any of the Star Wars costumes.  Your best bet is to go to and sign up for their newsletter.
  • eFX Collectibles still has the lightsaber replica license from Lucasfilm, but both companies are going to try to work together to release costumes and lightsabers at the same time
  • Based on the booth, though, it looks like some blaster props are now licensed to Anovos
  • The armor will come in two versions – a fully completed kit and a ready-to-assemble kit.  This means if you want to put in the effort to get the armor sized to your measurements, you can, but you can also just get the standard kits so you can suit-up immediately.
  • Future clone colors are coming.
  • They’re not quite sure how they’re going to handle clone boots (which, in my experience, are the hardest thing of clone armor to replicate from the fully-digital world).  They might do a rubber-soled slip-on covering which would give you the look of the boot yet give you the stability of a shoe.
  • They are working with the 501st Legion and Rebel Legion to get these costume details right.

I’m totally impressed.  Anovos, if you can hook us up with a tour of your facility, I’d gladly help model your armor.  That and your DS9/Voyager Star Trek costumes, too – I’d love to see how the O’Brien would look on me.  Hope to see that in person at a future convention.

Thanks for the time at C2E2!

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C2E2 2014 – The Valyrian Steel Booth


The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo hit the Windy City again this past weekend, and ASM once again had a great time!

DSC_1000We had no idea Valyrian Steel was going to exhibit at the show, which is odd seeing as we are huge “Game of Thrones” fans and pretty much follow everything they post on Facebook.  However, our lack of foreknowledge proved to give us quite the surprise when we walked past their booth on the way to get lunch and immediately were stopped in our tracks by all the pretties.

DSC_0998On hand were their new Unsullied helm and Loras’ helm as well as their impressively massive helm of The Hound.  They were letting folks lift and try out the Hound’s helmet, which I found to be extremely heavy, as a good replica of it would be.  The helmet for Loras looked quite lovely, which suits the character.



DSC_0982I also got a chance to look longingly at some of the swords on display, including both the novel and TV version of IceLongclaw, the sword of Jon Snow; Robb Stark’s sword; and scabbards to match. In addition, the statues of Tyrion and Jon Snow with Ghost were on hand.

It’s a miracle I didn’t just hand over my credit card to them right then and there.

Pictures may not do these works of art justice, but check out the gallery just the same.  Hopefully we’ll see them back at C2E2 2015. Read more

#NYCC 2013 Friday Pictures – Superman Costumes, Hot Wheels Camaro, Stan Lee Cologne, South Park Pavilion

nycc-logo-2013-hiAnthony Brucale, the genius behind TFU.INFO, was at New York Comic Con Friday, taking pictures for us.  Because of the amount of pictures, we’re going to post them in batches rather than have you wait for one long post to load up.

The Superman Costume Display

To celebrate Superman’s 75th Anniversary, DC Comics had a display featuring the various costumes the character has worn in various movies and TV shows.  There were no costumes worn by George Reeves (the original “Superman” serials), but there were two worn by Christopher Reeve (the original movies), as well as costumes worn by Tom Welling (“Smallville”), Dean Cain (“Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman), Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) and Henry Cavill (Man of Steel).

Hot Wheels Camaro

Chevrolet had a display there with a Hot Wheels Camaro.

Stan Lee’s Signature Cologne

Not a misprint.  Stan Lee now has a signature cologne.  Ant describes it as having “fairly soft scent, kind of baby-powdery.”  Now you know.

South Park Game Pavilion

Ant didn’t go into this area, but he could tell they were checking IDs at the entrance.  So you know something not-for-kids was going on in there.

Wardrobe From The Hunger Games to go on the Auction Block on Nov. 16, 2013

Los Angeles, CA – September 16, 2013

Blacksparrow Auctions is pleased to announce The Hunger Games Costume Auction, to be held on Saturday, November 16, 2013 at the world famous TCL Chinese Theatres in Hollywood, CA.

Over 200 original screen-worn wardrobe will be up for auction, including costumes worn by Jennifer Lawrence as “Katniss,” Josh Hutcherson as “Peeta,” Elizabeth Banks as “Effie,” Stanley Tucci as “Caesar,” Liam Hemsworth as “Gale,” Woody Harrelson as “Haymitch,” Lenny Kravtiz as “Cinna,” Donald Sutherland as “President Snow,” Wes Bentley as “Seneca,” and many, many more.  Interested bidders can attend in person or bid via phone, absentee and online.  A print catalog is available for pre-order now at

Blacksparrow will also team up with The Hollywood Show to provide Hunger Games fans with one final opportunity to view a selection of the film’s costumes.  The Hunger Games Exhibit Tour was previously in Seattle at Emerald City Comicon and in Chicago at the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo. The costume exhibit will be open to the public at The Hollywood Show in Los Angeles from October 4 to 6, 2013.  For more info about The Hollywood Show and to purchase tickets, please visit

About The Hollywood Show

Started in 1979, The Hollywood Show is perhaps the best-known autograph convention in the Greater Los Angeles Area.  In addition to being the premier destination for fans to meet scores of celebrities, it is the prime venue for vendors to offer original authentic entertainment memorabilia and collectibles.  The Hollywood Show is owned by entertainment industry veteran, David Elkouby.  For more information about The Hollywood Show, please visit

About Blacksparrow Auctions

Blacksparrow Auctions is a boutique auction company dealing in Hollywood memorabilia, rare books, autographs and pop culture collectibles.  The company specializes in focused and themed auctions that celebrate the collector and his or her collection, such as Dr. Shocker’s Auction of Horror, featuring actor Daniel Roebuck’s collection of classic monsters and vintage horror film memorabilia.

Dark Horse SDCC Game of Thrones Stark Shield Plaque

StarkShieldFrontWhen Dark Horse announced that they would make a small replica of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” Stark Shield for San Diego Comic-On 2013, we here at ASM knew we had to get one. Initially asking Matt Guzy of Awesome Toy Blog to be the procurer, we were then pleased to find out that HBO Shop was going to put a limited supply on their website the opening night of SDCC.  And by pleased we mean, “Holy crap they just tweeted that they put some up on their website I gotta get to my computer where’s my credit card RIGHT NOW HOLY CRAP!”

Now, we love “Game of Thrones” and A Song of Ice and Fire.  A previous SDCC Exclusive, the Iron Throne sits on our entertainment center.  A letter opener of Ice adorns one of our office walls.  We’ve got several of the Funko Pop Vinyls, and the Valyrian Steel version of Needle decorates our home.  So, yeah, we’re excited to have this new Stark Shield grace our wall next to Needle.

Measuring 7″ in diameter, this Stark Shield is a faithful reproduction of the shield as seen in HBO’s “Game of Thrones”, wielded by the soldiers of Winterfell.  It is light enough to hang on the wall, but sturdy enough so it won’t break in your hands.  It’s made with a dull finish, to better look weathered, and while you can’t use it as a prop yourself, it looks great as a wall decoration.

Keep making more of these, Dark Horse!

Dark Horse Deluxe Gets GRIMM

Hit NBC TV Show to See Full Product Line from Dark Horse


DH-GRIMM KEY SOLJUNE 14, MILWAUKIE, OR—Dark Horse Comics’ toys and collectibles imprint, Dark Horse Deluxe, is proud to offer new items based on characters and stories from the hit NBC show Grimm! The Grimm collectibles from Dark Horse are licensed through NBCUniversal Television Consumer Products.

Grimm is a cop drama inspired by the classic Brothers Grimm fairy tales, following Portland homicide detective Nick Burkhardt into a reality he never knew existed. Once he discovers this new world, and his role in it, he has to deal with much more than the usual criminals and investigations. With his partner Hank and ally Monroe (who is also a magical creature called a Blutbad), Nick delves into cases involving bees, bats, bears, and more!

“As Portland residents, we feel a special kinship with a series filmed in our hometown,” Dark Horse Product Development VP David Scroggy observed, “although we would have been drawn to Grimm if it were filmed in North Dakota. The production team has been most accommodating, inviting us to visit the sets, examine the props, and meet with the key design and VFX staffers to help inform our line. This kind of cooperation is rare, and it has ensured a great accuracy down to the smallest details.”

Dark Horse Deluxe is launching their Grimm line with an assortment of products. The centerpieces of this first wave are sculpted, wearable pin replicas of Nick’s key and one of the coins of Zakynthos.

Nick is bequeathed the key as his dying Aunt Marie introduces him to his destiny as a Grimm, warning him to guard it with his life. The key is revealed to have a map carved on the outside, which is etched into the replica pin’s surface. Two small loops on the key allow the wearer to easily convert it from a pin to a hanging pendant. The mysterious, ancient coin of Zakynthos has a long history of bringing a bad end to its possessors, although the Grimms seem strangely immune. While its purpose remains a mystery, various dark forces are seeking it and will kill to attain ownership of it. The Dark Horse coin pin replica is given an antique finish over zinc alloy, re-creating the patina of antiquity.

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Dark Horse Launches All-New News Feed, 2013 Comic-Con Exclusives



JUNE 10, MILWAUKIE, OR—As anticipation for this year’s pop culture main event grows, Dark Horse makes the first of many announcements regarding exclusive products for this year’s Comic-Con International!

Every day this week, Dark Horse will reveal one item to be sold at this year’s convention, exclusively on Dark Horse’s all-new NewsFeed!

Up first is what will surely be one of this year’s most sought-after items! Continuing in Dark Horse’s incredibly successful line of collectibles based on HBO’s Game of Thrones comes this limited-edition sculptural replica of the Stark shield!

GOT STARK SHIELD PLAQUEThis seven-inch replica comes with a hook for wall mounting and retails for $30, with a limit of two per person. Produced in an incredibly limited run of only 1,200 pieces, these are sure to go fast!

Make sure to follow Dark Horse on Twitter throughout the week, as one exclusive item per day will be revealed at a random time on the Dark Horse NewsFeed.

Keep it locked to to find out what you will be standing in line for at this year’s show, and look for sneak peeks at upcoming announcements about Dark Horse books, products, and events!

Make sure to stop by booth #2615 to check out all the awesome exclusives, only available at San Diego Comic-Con 2013!

Joliet Public Library Annual Star Wars Day 6/1/2013 (With Photo Gallery)

GroupShot01On Saturday, June 1st, the Joliet Public Library in Joliet, IL, hosted their annual Star Wars Day.  This year’s event was again held at the Joliet Public Library, with additional displays hosted at the Joliet Historical Museum.

The 501st Legion and the Rebel Legion again provided many of the displays.  These displays included many screen accurate costumes and props constructed by members of these organizations.  Also on hand were the R2 Builders, with a display of several droid units built by their members.  Members of all organizations were on hand to answer any questions from visitors.  The organizations also hosted an Imperial Academy game / training course for children to  train as clonetroopers.

Exhibitors and vendors this year included Graham Cracker Comics, Legoland, The Wandering Dragon, Sincere Costumes, and Gallery 1700.  These exhibitors and vendors hosted stations both in and outside the library for visitors to enjoy.

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C2E2 2013 – The Anovos Productions Booth

ANOVOS Productions, makers of high quality costumes, props and items from Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and more, once again had a booth on display at C2E2. In addition to display items, they were also selling Star Trek ties, Galactica pins, and other items in conjunction with their sister company, The Novo Geek. Take a look at the pictures below!

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C2E2 2013 Coverage – The Hunger Games Costume Tour


As part of C2E2 2013, Blacksparrow Auctions brought the travelling tour of costumes from The Hunger Games. On display were costumes worn by Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Lenny Kravitz, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, and more!  You can find pictures below and more in our The Hunger Games Display gallery!

You can find all our C2E2 2013 pictures in our Main Gallery!