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C2E2 2012: Costume/Cosplay Roundup

As in past years, the costumers came out in full force for C2E2 in 2012.  The creations of these talented and creative fans are one of the highlights of the convention floor.

The convention is simply too large to see every costume, so I’m sure our team missed out on seeing many fantastic costumes throughout the weekend.  We did our best to photograph as many as we could to share with our readers.

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C2E2 2012: Transcript of our live tweets from the Josh Gates – Destination Truth panel

In case you missed it (or in case you don’t use Twitter), here is the transcript of our live tweets from Josh Gates’s Saturday evening panel at C2E2.  Josh, the host of Destination Truth on SyFy, took some questions from Twitter and the audience.  In the days prior to C2E2, Josh had promised that a big announcement would be made during this panel.  Follow the link and read the transcript of ASM’s tweets for the full scoop:

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C2E2 2012 Day 1 – The Displays

On the show floor were multiple displays from Marvel, DC Comics, Diamond Select Toys, The CS Moore Studio and The Captain America Auction. We’ll be getting more pictures over the weekend, but for right now, check out the galleries below:

CS Moore Studio
DC Comics and Collectibles
Diamond Select Toys
The Captain America Auction

The props from Captain America and Thor were AWESOME! I wish I had unlimited funds so I could bring some home.

More pictures tomorrow! All our C2E2 Galleries can be found here!

C2E2 2012 Day 1 – The Costumes

We have never been at a comic convention on a Friday, so we weren’t sure how many costumes we’d see on the floor. While there weren’t as many costumers as we wanted, we did see some great work and we hope that the cosplay will kick up tomorrow when there will be more people.

You can find our entire Costume Gallery for Friday by clicking this link, and we have some of the highlights below. For the full size picture, click the link above.

All our C2E2 Galleries can be found here!

ASM – The Geekly Rewind Invades C2E2!

This weekend, ASM invades C2E2! We’ll be there to bask in the comic, geek and pop culture goodness as Chicago hosts its third show by ReedPop. I will be handling pictures of the displays, the booths, the games, and whatever nice geeky stuff I find. My cosplay cohort, Rogue Z, will be covering the costumes.

Speaking of costumes, we want to see yours! Rogue Z wants to put together a costume gallery for C2E2, so get out your finest comic/movie/TV/sci-fi/geek costumes and make sure to find us.

Even if you aren’t in costume, we want to meet you. Keep an eye out for the ASM logo and say hi! You’ll probably find us hanging out at the 501st Legion and Rebel Legion tables at some point, as well as stalking the John Barrowman and David Newell autograph lines. If you don’t see the ASM logo, it might be because we’re incognito as well….

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