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Free Comic Book Day 2015 Is Tomorrow!


This is a repost from last year, with a few minor changes, but the thoughts are still relevant. Support your local comic store!

Yes, it’s time once again for the annual Free Comic Book Day event happening at a Local Comic Book Store near you! If you don’t know where one is, here’s a handy Comic Book Store Locator.  They may have special events going on – check out How to Love Comics’ Directory of FCBD Events and see if your local store is doing something cool.

Is it difficult to participate? Heck, no!  You go to your comic store. You get at least one free comic from a special selection of free comics. You leave happy.  See, there’s even a video explaining how easy it is:

But, like last year, I have a request for you: if you can, please support the comic book store while you’re there.

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VALIANT Announces ARMOR HUNTERS FCBD SPECIAL Retailer Customized Editions

Valiant is proud to announce that the FCBD 2014 ARMOR HUNTERS SPECIAL – the publisher’s flagship release for Free Comic Book Day 2014 – is now being offered in a special, customizable edition for retailers worldwide! Before ARMOR HUNTERS #1 arrives this June, get an action-packed prelude to the Valiant event of 2014 right here on Free Comic Book Day in this special FCBD release, featuring surprise details on Valiant’s newest launches, anniversary milestones, and unexpected team-ups for 2014 and beyond!

For retailers that secure a minimum order of 500 copies by the title’s February 3rd, 2014 final order cut-off (FOC) date, Valiant will design a specially customized FCBD 2014 ARMOR HUNTERS SPECIAL cover featuring their store’s logo and contact information. The customizable area can also be modified to include a store promotion or coupon.

Setting the stage for Valiant’s blockbuster crossover event, the FCBD 2014 ARMOR HUNTERS SPECIAL is the perfect entry point into the ambitious storyline that will engulf X-O Manowar, Unity, and a star-studded cast of Valiant’s fearless heroes. Following the best-selling success of last year’s Harbinger Wars crossover, jump into the fight behind X-O Manowar’s first event mini-series right here on Free Comic Book Day with the FCBD 2014 ARMOR HUNTERS SPECIAL  – featuring an all-star roster of superstar Valiant talents including CAFU, Joshua Dysart, Trevor Hairsine, Bryan Hitch, Matt Kindt, Peter Milligan, Cary Nord, Fred Van Lente, and many more! Read more