About Us

ASM originally started in July 1999 as Altered States Magazine, an online magazine/website dedicated solely to Hasbro’s Transformers. In 2000, we were able to cover the annual Toy Fair show, and we provided the fandom with high quality pictures of Hasbro’s latest robots in disguise. However, when we covered Toy Fair in 2001, Hasbro was importing toys from Japan that most of the fandom had already seen. So, in addition to that line of toys, we expanded to cover a few other lines.

What a change that was.

Since then, our Toy Fair galleries have expanded to cover more and more toy companies, presenting what we believe to be the most comprehensive coverage of the show by an independent site, run by just a few fans.

That brings us to today, the new ASM. In this world of journals, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking, where does ASM fit?

Right where it always did — as a small site run by fans for fans. We’re not the biggest site, but we’d like to think we know what fans want, because we like those things, too. And we want to give them the respect they deserve.

We also know that companies want respect as well. While that doesn’t mean we’ll praise everything they do, we also realize that they do things for their own reasons. If they make toys that don’t really appeal to us, we remember we’re not in their target demographic (usually). We don’t like to ruin surprises, so you won’t find pictures of leaked toys in our news coverage.

We won’t cover everything. We may not cover everything from a particular toy line. But we’ll do it with a love and respect because in the end, we’re fans. That’s why we’re here.


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