Toy Fair 2019 – NECA – Alien, Predator, Horror, Other Movie Figures

NECA has done great work with their movie figures over the past few years.  The likeness of actresses and actors is fantastic, the detail is stunning, and the fans love them.  This year, NECA had on display a variety of figures from various movie lines.

First, in the Alien and Predator universe(s), we have a variety of the, well, Aliens and Predators. (It’s late, my writing is suffering.)

Horror movies are also a huge portion of NECA’s portfolio.  On display were Friday the 13th, It, Halloween, Bride of Chucky and more!

As for other movies, check out figures from Gremlins, The Karate Kid, The Goonies, Ace Ventura, Godzilla, and more!  Man, those Gremlins figures are great!

Pictures by Steve and Penelope Kushnir