Toy Fair 2019 – Super7 – Transformers

Want to get my attention?  Show me Transformers that look like Action Masters!  These ReAction figures look like the 2019 update of the original G1 action figure line up, and I can’t wait to see these in person!  The intent of the Action Masters was to provide cartoon styled poseable action figures, and these seem to do the same.  Granted, we don’t have transforming weapons/partners like we did with the Action Masters; something tells me Hasbro wouldn’t like that. 

I’m kind of reminded by the Heroes of Cybertron vinyl figure line from fifteen years ago, but these look to be more poseable.

Also on display were their Super Cyborg Optimus and Megatron.  The Megatron reminds me of when he got reformatted into Galvatron.  Not directly, of course, but hints at it. 

We also have glassware with G1 art.  Everybody gets thirsty. Everybody needs glasses.  Boom, problem solved.

And the Optimus and Megatron Super Buckets are… super… buckets.  I guess. Not sure exactly….

Pictures by Steve and Penelope Kushnir