Target’s Expanded Toy Aisles Are Appearing

With the death of Toys R Us as we know it (I’m still wary of Geoffrey’s Toy Box and what it actually will be), Target recently announced plans to expand their toy selection in 500 stores. Four aisles near their book section would be removed and replaced with toys. It would involve a little play area and some larger toys, the kinds usually found at TRU.

At least two Target stores near me started taking out the existing aisles, so I knew I’d see the new toys soon. Lo and behold, we have new toys! I don’t know if this is the final selection, but it’s a start.

So, it’s not quite what I expected. That play area takes up a lot of the real estate of the new toy aisles, leaving less room for product. I had hoped more toys that used to find a home at TRU would be able to make their way to Target. We’ll have to see if Target puts more out there.

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