Funko Announces “Looney Tunes” Dorbz and “Captain Underpants” Movie Pops

I grew up watching “Looney Tunes” on TV. Every afternoon and every Saturday morning, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and their pals would be on my TV screen. So these new Dorbz speak to childhood me in a big way.

On the flip side… I had no idea there was a “Captain Underpants” movie coming out. I’ll probably see it at some point with KidBot, I’m sure. If you love Captain Underpants, though, these Pops are for you.

Dorbz: Looney Tunes

“What’s up, doc?” The Looney Tunes gang is coming to Dorbz!

Collect wascawwy wabbit Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck,
Elmer Fudd, and Pete Puma!

Bugs and Daffy each have a chase variant with a rarity of 1 in 6! Bugs’s chase holds a carrot, and Daffy’s sports his Stupor Duck costume!

Collect them all this spring!




Coming in April!

Pop! Movies: Captain Underpants

Just in time for the June release of the upcoming film, Captain Underpants is joining the Funko family!

The kind-hearted and elastic-banded hero is joined by his nemesis, the villainous scientist Professor Poopypants!

Professor Poopypants is also available in his pink suit, available exclusively at FYE!

Coming this spring!

Coming in April