More Than Meets The Ears with Transformers Music News

Over the past week, Transformers fans have had not one, not two, but three announcements regarding TF-related music.

First, Hasbro and Sony released a new album Transformers Roll Out last week to coincide with Record Store Day.  This new album contains tracks inspired by the continuous battles of the Autobots and Decepticons and features rock, alternative, and alt-pop artists, including Beck, Elle Rae, and Crash Kings.  The press release is at the end of the post.

It’s an interesting idea, to be sure.  I’ve not been a huge fan of “inspired-by” albums.  Usually, I stick to the actual music from the movie or show, rather than music that is only tangentially related; that’s just my personal preference.  Still, any album that includes Beck shows that effort went into the crafting of the record and not just slapping some random artists together.  Definitely one to preview on iTunes.

Second, last week the AllSpark mentioned that Robert Walsh, composer of the background music of Transformers Generation 1, GI Joe, JEM, and other Sunbow productions, has teamed up with Sony to release the music in some form.  This is huge news.  For years, fans have clamored for the music to be put on CD, and while the cries have been rather quiet lately, it’s always been one of those “Wouldn’t it be great if…?” ideas.  Whatever format it’s released in, count me in to get a copy.

Finally, on Wednesday, Vince DiCola talked to his fans via Facebook to thank them for their support at BotCon 2016.  Unbeknownst to me, he had new items for sale at the con (and nobody bought them for me, thanks a lot), including new copies of the Transformers: The Movie soundtrack on LP, the music from Saturday Morning R.P.G., and a new DiCola/Kenny Meriedeth album “Of Two Minds”.  Thankfully, all this can be ordered online either physically or digitally, so if you weren’t at the concert, you can still purchase Vince’s music.

Sign me up for any new DiCola music.  You don’t have to tell me twice.

Truly this is a great time for music of a Transformers nature.  Let’s hope the G1 soundtrack gets finished and in our hands relatively soon.  I can’t wait.

After the jump, you can read Vince’s post as well as the official release for Transformers Roll Out.

If Vince’s post doesn’t appear, click this link.

For easy reference, here is where you can buy the music:

For those of you who didn’t get the opportunity to purchase any of these products at the convention but are interested in owning a copy, each can be found here:

Rocky IV score on LP:

Transformers:The Movie score on LP:…

DiCola/Meriedeth “Of Two Minds” CD: (will be available shortly)

Saturday Morning RPG” score by DiCola/Meriedeth on CD:…/saturday-morning-…

“Angry Birds Transformers” video game soundtrack:…/angry-birds-transfor…/id990537821



Transformers Roll Out (cymk)Hasbro Studios and Sony Music Entertainment Release Transformers Roll Out Album

Digital Rock Album Features Original Hit Tracks from ‘Bush’ and ‘Mount Holly’


BURBANK, Calif. – April 15, 2016 – Today Hasbro Studios, the Los Angeles-based entertainment division of Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS) and Sony Music Entertainment announce the release of Transformers Roll Out, an alt-rock tribute to the wildly popular hit Hasbro Transformers franchise.


Transformers Roll Out heralds the global pop-culture Transformers phenomenon, featuring a collection of hit original songs inspired by the Hasbro Transformers franchise from leading established and up-and-coming alternative, rock and alt-pop artists, morphing together to create an epic portfolio of hard-hitting tunes that truly embodies the soul of the Hasbro Transformers brand. The album includes tracks from the chart topping rock band ‘Bush’ and front man Gavin Rossdale, lending powerhouse vocals in “This House is on Fire,” as well as up-and-coming alt-rock group Mount Holly, who provided the album’s lead title track “Roll Out.” Transformers Roll Out is being released on Sony Music’s RED Associated labels and is available for digital purchase now at iTunes:


“Growing up, I was (and still am) a huge fan of the Transformers franchise. It was an amazing experience working with Hasbro to produce this album and to contribute the title song Roll Out,” said album producer and Mount Holly lead guitarist Nick Perri. “The album embodies the action-packed high energy vibe that Transformers is known for and also brings in some outer world ambience and emotionally driven songs as well. All of the artists were thrilled to deliver on the mission.”


“The release of Transformers Roll Out demonstrates the pop culture power of the Transformers franchise,” said Hasbro Executive Vice President and Chief Content Officer Stephen Davis. “With generations of audiences celebrating the brand across television, film, digital entertainment, consumer products and now music, this could not be a more exciting time for Hasbro and Transformers. This unique project truly delivers on the More Than Meets the Eye brand promise.”


Artists contributing to Transformers Roll Out include:




Transformers Roll Out is available on all major digital providers and the limited edition CD and vinyl is for sale exclusively through FYE stores.



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About Sony Music Entertainment

Sony Music Entertainment is a global recorded music company with a current roster that includes a broad array of both local artists and international superstars. The company boasts a vast catalog that comprises some of the most important recordings in history. It is home to premier record labels representing music from every genre, including Arista Nashville, Beach Street Records, Bystorm Entertainment, Columbia Nashville, Columbia Records, Day 1, Descendant Records, Epic Records, Essential Records, Essential Worship, Fo Yo Soul Recordings, Kemosabe Records, Legacy Recordings, MASTERWORKS, Polo Grounds, RCA Inspiration, RCA Nashville, RCA Records, Reunion Records, Sony Classical, Sony Music Latin, Star Time International, Syco Music, Vested in Culture and Volcano. Sony Music Entertainment is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America.