Free Comic Book Day 2015 Is Tomorrow!


This is a repost from last year, with a few minor changes, but the thoughts are still relevant. Support your local comic store!

Yes, it’s time once again for the annual Free Comic Book Day event happening at a Local Comic Book Store near you! If you don’t know where one is, here’s a handy Comic Book Store Locator.  They may have special events going on – check out How to Love Comics’ Directory of FCBD Events and see if your local store is doing something cool.

Is it difficult to participate? Heck, no!  You go to your comic store. You get at least one free comic from a special selection of free comics. You leave happy.  See, there’s even a video explaining how easy it is:

But, like last year, I have a request for you: if you can, please support the comic book store while you’re there.

While it’s true that you don’t have to do anything to get your free comic, your LCBS may have other things going on. They may have a food drive/clothing collection/donation drive to allow you to get more comics. They may have costumers to pose for you in pictures. They may have artists and writers to sign and draw for you.

I’m asking you to do something for them, if you are able.  (I know times are still tough, so if you can’t help out, it’s okay.)  When you are in your LCBS, take a few minutes to look around at all the store has to offer. If you can, buy something along with your free comics. The comic book store has paid for your free comics so you don’t have to, so it would be AWESOME if you could help out and make a purchase. And if you can, go back and frequent the business. Comic stores are a great way for you to experience not just comics, but the LOVE of comics as well, something you can’t always replicate in the digital world. We need to keep as many comic stores around so that other people can experience what we love about comics.

So, yeah. Enjoy your free comics, but if you can, please help out your LCBS too!

I’ll be at Neptune Comics in Waukesha, WI for a few hours on FCBD.  If there are any Southeastern Wisconsin ASM fans there, look for Team Arrow.  :)