“Transformers: Age of Extinction” Preview Event – News, Reviews, Cybertron Monday, New Apps


All4BotsLast week, a number of Transformers fan sites got a goodie box from the folks at Hasbro and Hunter PR.  This box contained four toys from the upcoming Transformers: Age of Extinction line.  These toys included Deluxe Autobot Drift, Deluxe Dinobot Slug, Voyager Grimlockand Leader Optimus Prime.  Today, ASM and other sites are putting up reviews and thoughts of these toys as well as some other news.  To read our reviews, click the names of the toys above.  Get more news after the jump. 

As part of the coverage, a video from the Hasbro Transformers Design Team was given to us, and it should have been made public at the time of this posting.  It’s embedded below, although if it doesn’t show up, give it time to be made public.

It’s a fascinating look into the design process.  If you’ve followed Transformers for a while, you may know some of this already, but it’s still interesting to watch.  I especially enjoyed the designers talking about the softer plastic process with the different tactile experience.  Look at my review of Sug to see the undercuts in the soft PVC swords and tail.  I would have thought the harder plastic would keep the smaller details much better than soft plastic, but apparently not with the process the Transformers team uses.

I also loved how they were aware that a robot dinosaur still had to have specific cues from the actual animal to keep the look familiar, even if it was a robot.

On Monday, a Google+ Hangout with the TF Design Team was held, but unfortunately ASM had a scheduling conflict and could not attend.  Other TF sites were there and will report on it.  I know that Ben Yee’s BWTF.com was there, so hit his site.

When can you get these toys?  Well, they’re in stores on May 17, but you’ll be able to order them online in an event Hasbro calls “Cybertron Monday“.  On May 12, your favorite online shop will allow you to get them, and to help you out, http://www.cybertronmonday.com is there with more information.  You can even text TRANSFORMERS to 38470 on your cell phone (message/data rates may apply) and Optimus Prime will send you a voice mail when it’s time to go shopping.  Neat!

Finally, those of you with smart phones can now download the official Transformers: Age of Extinction app!  Those of you with Android can go to the Google Play store; those of you with an iPhone can hit the Apple App Store.  You’ll be able to play games and weekly missions, watch movie trailers, look at toys, see photos and bios, and more!  Check data rates, compatibility, and other information before downloading.

That’s it, folks!  Let me know on Facebook, Twitter or E-mail if you have any questions!

ASM thanks the great people at Hasbro and Joe Moscone, Justin Aclin and Kelly Engel of Hunter PR for this opportunity.