C2E2 2014 – The Anovos Booth


The Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo hit the Windy City again this past weekend, and ASM once again had a great time!  One of the booths we spent a lot of time at was that of Anovos.  When we had seen pictures appear that showed they had new Star Wars costumes, we knew we had to have a talk.  You see, here at ASM, we love costuming and we love Star Wars costumes.  We have costumes, we are members of the 501st Legion and Rebel Legion, and we have made many great friends through those organizations.

DSC_1029So, now Anovos is going to make high-end Star Wars costumes.  Could they pass the test of being screen accurate and high quality?  Well, if they’re anything like their Star Trek offerings, we figured they would, but we needed to find out.

Folks, I’ll put this as plainly as possible — these costumes are the real deal.  The Bespin Luke looked spot on, and the clone armor?  Oh my God.  I swear it looks better in some ways than the armor I have.

I had a chance to speak with Joe from Anovos and gleaned a little bit of information from him.

  • First off, pricing and release dates are not set in stone for any of the Star Wars costumes.  Your best bet is to go to Anovos.com and sign up for their newsletter.
  • eFX Collectibles still has the lightsaber replica license from Lucasfilm, but both companies are going to try to work together to release costumes and lightsabers at the same time
  • Based on the booth, though, it looks like some blaster props are now licensed to Anovos
  • The armor will come in two versions – a fully completed kit and a ready-to-assemble kit.  This means if you want to put in the effort to get the armor sized to your measurements, you can, but you can also just get the standard kits so you can suit-up immediately.
  • Future clone colors are coming.
  • They’re not quite sure how they’re going to handle clone boots (which, in my experience, are the hardest thing of clone armor to replicate from the fully-digital world).  They might do a rubber-soled slip-on covering which would give you the look of the boot yet give you the stability of a shoe.
  • They are working with the 501st Legion and Rebel Legion to get these costume details right.

I’m totally impressed.  Anovos, if you can hook us up with a tour of your facility, I’d gladly help model your armor.  That and your DS9/Voyager Star Trek costumes, too – I’d love to see how the O’Brien would look on me.  Hope to see that in person at a future convention.

Thanks for the time at C2E2!

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