Funko Proves There’s Always a Sharknado in the Banana Stand

Funko sent over some new images of upcoming pop vinyl figures in there Pop! Television line.  First off, in honor of the upcoming soon-to-be-a-classic Sharknado 2: The Second One, Funko is giving us a Sharnkado Pop!.  The best thing?  It’s probably a better actor than Tara Reid *rimshot*.  Sharknado will be available in June.


Next, the Bluths are back as the cast of “Arrested Development” makes its way into vinyl format.  Featuring eight regular releases and a chase figure, you can recreate your favorite AD scenes and then cruelly cancel the show because you don’t promote it properly and run it up against the Olympics and then have to wait for years for Netflix to come save it and sorry I’m not bitter much.


Also available in June, these figures will feature two versions of Michael Bluth (both as the office guy and in his Bluth’s Original Frozen Banana Stand uniform), Gob Bluth in his magician’s outfit (cue “The Final Countdown”), Buster Bluth as both an Army volunteer and after he lost his hand, Tobias Funke showing off his “Never Nude” outfit, George-Michael as he works in the banana stand, and George Sr. dressed in his classic prison orange jumpsuit (“No touching!”)

The one you really want, though, is the chase Tobias Funke figure as he tries out for the Blue Man Group.  Classic.

tobias funke blue man