IDW Previews – April 23, 2014 – Transformers: RiD, 24 and Full Solicits

It’s kind of like last week — out of all the comics IDW is slated to release tomorrow, two caught my eye, and once again it’s 24 and Transformers.  You can see previews below and the full solicitations on page 2.

First, The Transformers: Robots in Disguise begins “Season 2” with issue #28.  Written by John Barber with art by Andrew Griffith, this issue finds the Autobots returning to Earth six months after the events of “Dark Cybertron”.  The problem is that they weren’t exactly given a tearful goodbye when they left last time….  This preview happens to feature one of the best damn intros ever, and you can see it below.

Second, leading up to the return of 24 on May 5, IDW is releasing a new mini-series subtitled “Underground” showcasing what happened since we left Jack Bauer at the end of season 8.  I’m guessing that this story won’t be filled with him working at a Build-A-Bear factory….  Issue #1 is written by Ed Brisson with art by Michael Gaydos.