IDW Previews – April 16, 2014 – Transformers, 24 and More

There are a couple of books that IDW is releasing tomorrow that caught my eye.  First and foremost we have the highly-anticipated Transformers: Windblade #1.  The character of Windblade is fascinating from a behind-the-scenes standpoint alone.  It’s the first character ever created in Transformers with input from all fans.  Last year, Hasbro put up a poll asking what kind of character the fans would want, and lo-and-behold, we have Windblade, a female Transformer that exists in a universe where there aren’t many of her kind.  Not only that, she’s also the only robot around who can speak to Metroplex.  In the aftermath of Dark Cybertron, we find that Metroplex is pretty much the only inhabitable place to live… and it’s up to Windblade and her teammates to keep him that way.

Speaking of Dark Cybertron, IDW is also releasing the first volume of this epic story.  Volume 1 features chapters 1-6 of this tale that brings all the Transformers back together.

Finally of interest (to me, at least) is 24 Omnibus.  We here at ASM love “24”.  When news of its return got announced, we gleefully shouted in anticipation of all the over-the-top action to come, as well as hoping that there would be calls for people to set up a permiter (drink!) and Jack shooting people in the thigh.  This book contains 340 pages of Jack Bauer action, before he went on the run and found a kid with special mental powers.  Oh, wait, sorry, that was just a different TV show Kiefer was on.

On the next page you can check out the solicitations for all of IDW’s comics coming out tomorrow.