Mezco Announces New “Sons of Anarchy” Figures, Plush, and Coins

Over the past few days, Mezco sent over several press releases regarding new “Sons of Anarchy” merchandise.

First off we have Jax, the national president of the Sons Of Anarchy motorcycle club.  Jax stands 6 inches tall in his signature leather vest which dons the club’s logo and patches. The figure comes with a set of alternate hands as well as scale version of John Teller’s manuscript.


Next we have Clay, one of the original 9, this grizzled vet can still kick your a**!

Clay stands 6 inches tall, detailed with his leather vest, patches, wallet chain and knife holster. The figure comes with a set of alternate hands as well as a knife, and signature cigar.


Both Clay and Jax have five dynamic points of articulation (neck, shoulders, wrists), and each one comes packaged (separately) in a collector-friendly blister package.

Mezco also sent over pictures of their new “Sons Of Anarchy” 8 inch Plush Figures.  This new line features a trio of bad boys – Jax, Clay and Opie (Jax’s childhood friend and explosives afficianado). Each stands 8 inches tall and features a detailed reproduction of the Sons Of Anarchy reaper logo on the back of their jacket along with series accurate patches on the front.  Each figure also comes with its own own informative hang tag.

Finally, Mezco has announced the “Son of Anarchy” Limited Edition Memorial Coin Set.

Produced especially for their appearance at the upcoming Chiller Theatre Expo ( this magnificent tribute edition is strictly limited to 200 sets worldwide.

Every set contains 3 coins, specifically designed for each character scheduled to appear at the event:

  • Piney
  • Filthy Phil
  • Eric

Each memorial coin is a stunning testament not only to the individual Sons Of Anarchy character, but also to the artisans who hand craft each coin.

Each hefty coin is crafted of solid metal and die struck. Each color is individually added by hand before being fired at over 500 degrees Fahrenheit for 24 hours to ensure maximum durability. In the final step, the coins are weathered to give them a well worn finish, as though Clay or Jax has been carrying them in his jeans pocket.

These coins are almost as tough as the Sons Of Anarchy themselves!

As befits such fine craftsmanship, each coin come in an oversized coin cover with a plain white insert perfect for autographing!

Sure to become the focal point of any SOA collection, these coins are exclusively available through

You can learn more about all of these releases at

(All photos by Heng Zheng)