#NYCC 2013 Friday Pictures – Superman Costumes, Hot Wheels Camaro, Stan Lee Cologne, South Park Pavilion

nycc-logo-2013-hiAnthony Brucale, the genius behind TFU.INFO, was at New York Comic Con Friday, taking pictures for us.  Because of the amount of pictures, we’re going to post them in batches rather than have you wait for one long post to load up.

The Superman Costume Display

To celebrate Superman’s 75th Anniversary, DC Comics had a display featuring the various costumes the character has worn in various movies and TV shows.  There were no costumes worn by George Reeves (the original “Superman” serials), but there were two worn by Christopher Reeve (the original movies), as well as costumes worn by Tom Welling (“Smallville”), Dean Cain (“Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman), Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) and Henry Cavill (Man of Steel).

Hot Wheels Camaro

Chevrolet had a display there with a Hot Wheels Camaro.

Stan Lee’s Signature Cologne

Not a misprint.  Stan Lee now has a signature cologne.  Ant describes it as having “fairly soft scent, kind of baby-powdery.”  Now you know.

South Park Game Pavilion

Ant didn’t go into this area, but he could tell they were checking IDs at the entrance.  So you know something not-for-kids was going on in there.