Dark Horse & IDW Comics Preview – October 9, 2013

Here are some selected previews that will be out in comic shops Wednesday, October 9.  These are the books that caught my eye this week.


Star Wars #10

Luke Skywalker and Wedge Antilles have infiltrated an Imperial Destroyer. But now nine thousand stormtroopers are searching for them, and Darth Vader is aware of their presence. Completing their mission and escaping with their lives may be an either/or proposition!

Meanwhile, the Rebel fleet prepares for an Imperial assault!

  • Artist Carlos D’Anda returns!
  • Legendary Star Wars cover artist Hugh Fleming!


G.I. Joe: Special Missions #8

Chuck Dixon (w) • S L Gallant (a) • Paul Gulacy, Gallant (c)

A peace-promoting diplomat is gunned down and barely escapes with his life. The world watches as the man lies at death’s door in a high security facility. COBRA is watching as well and mounts an all-out cyber-assault to take their target down once and for all. Mainframe and Dial-Tone are the last line of defense in a deadly chess game with COBRA’s entire cyber-war division. The Joes pray for peace but program for war in DENIAL OF SERVICE!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

  • G.I. JOE takes on cyber-warfare!
  • S L Gallant variant cover!

G.I. JOE: Special Missions, Vol. 1

Chuck Dixon (w) • Paul Gulacy (a) • Sean Chen (c)

The legendary team of Chuck Dixon and Paul Gulacy lead the G.I. Joe team undercover and into action! The BARONESS tries to get back into COBRA’s good graces—and it’s up to SCARLETT to assemble a team to take the villainess down!

TPB • FC • $17.99 • 104 pages • ISBN 978-1-61377-737-4

             • Collects Issues #1–4.

Jinnrise, Vol. 1

Sohaib Awan & Tom Taylor (w) • Tony Vassallo, Mark Torres, Andrew Huerta (a) • Tony Vassallo (c)

International student Andrew Marcus’ world is torn asunder when interstellar forces, the “Kibrani,” invade earth. With all hope seemingly lost, humanity’s last chance may be a long-despised and forgotten race: the Jinn (otherwise known as “genies”)! But are they our hope… or greatest fear? Combining the best of summer blockbuster fare and quest myths like Lord of the Rings, Jinnrise is a modern re-introduction to global myth.

TPB • FC • $19.99 • 124 pages • ISBN 978-1-61377-752-7

  • “Together Awan and Vassallo have created a really viable and interesting culture.” –Majorspoilers.com

Transformers Classics, Vol. 6

Simon Furman (w) • Jose Delbo, Geoff Senior, Dwayne Turner & Andrew Wildman (a) • Guido Guidi (c)

The historic comic book roots of THE TRANSFORMERS are re-presented for maximum Cybertronian enjoyment. Freshly re-mastered and re-colored, these stories are accompanied by an in-depth introduction as well as select issue notes by Mark W. Bellomo.

TPB • FC • $24.99 • 284 pages • ISBN 978-1-61377-764-0

• Collects issues #63–74.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise #21

John Barber (w) • Andrew Griffith and Livio Ramondelli (a) • Griffith, Casey Coller (c)

SHOCKPOINT! In the wastelands of CYBERTRON, SHOCKWAVE makes his move—and SOUNDWAVE and the DECEPTICONS step up to stop him! While the battle of the century rocks the ancient ruins of the Crystal City, dig back into the history of these titanic rivals!

FC • 32 pages • $3.99

  • DARK CYBERTRON begins here!
  • SHOCKWAVE’S master plan is set in motion—and no one is safe!
  • Variant Livio Ramondelli cover interlocking with issue 20 and 22!

(Star Wars images courtesy Dark Horse. All other images courtesy IDW.)