Comic Quick Look — Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters #4

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When I took a look at issue #3 of Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters, I said that I was having trouble accepting that the Dinobots looked like Earth dinosaurs, even though they had never been to our planet.  Well, I’m glad to say that issue #4 addresses my complaint.  In the course of fighting their organic counterparts, the Dinobots discover that the dinosaurs were part of Shockwave’s experiments.  He apparently had discovered them on Earth and decided to replicate them on Cybertron.

Seems simple enough.  It’s an okay read.  It’s Dinobots and dinosaurs and huge fights, but I’m having problems caring about it.  I guess I’m okay not knowing more about Shockwave’s Predacon experiments.  Maybe the next story line starting with issue #5 will grab me more.  It also doesn’t help that I’ve not played the Fall of Cybertron game and don’t remember what happened in the Rage of the Dinobots comic, so I came in with no emotional attachment to this continuity’s Dinobots.  But perhaps that’s the job of the comic — to get me to care.  So far, it’s not really doing the job.

Call this issue a solid “Meh.”