Why the Funko/Super7 Partnership is Big

On Monday, Adam Pawlus tweeted the following information:

Basically, Funko and Super7 are expanding their ReAction line retro-styled action figures, and there are reports that this will include tons of new properties, including “Firefly,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” Back to the Future, and more. I retweeted Adam’s tweet with the comment, “This is big.”

I meant it. Assuming this list of properties is true, this is huge, massive, ginormous news. This opens the door for a lot of things. Adam and I chatted briefly about it, and my main sticking point was the price. When he told me it would be $20 for a figure, I was pretty much sold on the idea. And looking at the blog post, the partnership was able to get the price of each ReAction Alien figure down to $15 a figure. That’s fantastic.

Think about it. Star Wars figures at the same scale are about $10, give-or-take a dollar or so. Granted, these figures have more than 5 points of articulation (“POA”) than the ReAction figures (the 5 POA Star Wars/Marvel/etc. figures are about $6). But I’m not sure POA will play as much of a factor in this situation. Which would the adult collector rather have – a Darth Vader figure that’s similar to one he or she already owns, or for $5 more, a figure of Marty McFly? An Obi-Wan figure or a T-800? A Leia or a Buffy? For Bob’s sake, a Luke Skywalker or a MALCOM REYNOLDS? See, I’d take all the crew of Serenity with 5 POA over the same number of Star Wars figures with more POA, even if that would cost me more.  Sure, the Marvel line of figures with 5 POA are more like $6; you will always be able to find something cheaper than ReAction figures.  But the price difference (while not negligible) isn’t too high to put the choice out of reach.

Super7 has done a great job of recreating the vintage look. Funko’s got hooks into not just the specialty store/comic shop market, but also the mainstream market. Been to a Barnes & Noble within the past year? Funko’s Pop!Vinyl figures are there. Granted, they won’t be as widespread as your normal action figure lines; I doubt they’ll hit Target or Walmart, where most figures are bought. That lack of visibility might hinder the line, but still, the ReAction figures have a much larger market with Funko helping production, and they may not need full market penetration to be successful.

This is great news. Who doesn’t want Firefly figures? Who doesn’t want to see Buffy figures again? This just breaks open the doors for more awesome ideas. While I haven’t seen Funko/Super7 officially announce the new licenses, I do hope it’s true, because I’m selfish and want something specific out of this collaboration. According to Doomkick, Universal Monsters are one of the properties. That means they have a relationship with Universal. If I recall correctly, Universal owns the rights to a beloved 90’s sci-fi franchise:

Quantum Leap

Please, Super7. Please, Funko. Please, please, please make Quantum Leap figures! I’d buy the hell out of Sam in a Fermi Suit. Sam in the Carmen Miranda fruit hat. Sam as his brother Tom in Vietnam. Al in his Navy dress uniform. Al with his classic “Stop!” jacket. Al with one of his trademark hats. Hell, make Sam in Fermi suit with leaping glowy effects as an SDCC exclusive. I’d so buy all of that stuff.

(A guy can dream, right?)