Wizard World Chicago Comic Con 2013 In Pictures

While at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con this past weekend, we were on a mission to take pictures of some of the cooler costumes and displays we saw.  Interestingly enough, it seemed that although the extra space made it easier to get around, having two floors to cover made it seem like we were always missing some cool costume disappearing down an aisle, never to be seen again.  There was a fantastic Brienne costumer that we were unable to photograph, and we couldn’t find her again.  Besides the two floors, another reason could be that with the new layout of the convention, costumers found new areas to hang out; in past years, you could be sure to find costumers in the lobby or by Artist Alley.  This year, they had new and different areas to pose for attendees.

But, we didn’t come home empty-handed.  So, please enjoy this gallery of photographs from Saturday at the convention, and we’ll be posting some of the pictures that Wizard World itself has provided later.

(ASM would like to thank Jerry Milani and the entire staff and crew of the Chicago Comic Con for their help with our coverage of Chicago Comic Con 2013)