Joliet Public Library Annual Star Wars Day 6/1/2013 (With Photo Gallery)

GroupShot01On Saturday, June 1st, the Joliet Public Library in Joliet, IL, hosted their annual Star Wars Day.  This year’s event was again held at the Joliet Public Library, with additional displays hosted at the Joliet Historical Museum.

The 501st Legion and the Rebel Legion again provided many of the displays.  These displays included many screen accurate costumes and props constructed by members of these organizations.  Also on hand were the R2 Builders, with a display of several droid units built by their members.  Members of all organizations were on hand to answer any questions from visitors.  The organizations also hosted an Imperial Academy game / training course for children to  train as clonetroopers.

Exhibitors and vendors this year included Graham Cracker Comics, Legoland, The Wandering Dragon, Sincere Costumes, and Gallery 1700.  These exhibitors and vendors hosted stations both in and outside the library for visitors to enjoy.

Several guest artists were also featured.  These artists included Dave Dorman, Steve Palenica, Mike Babinski, Jim Haase, and Janine Jender.  Visitors were able to view and purchase works by these artists and ask any questions about their work.

A highlight for many was the inclusion of actress Orli Shoshan, who portrayed Jedi Shaak Ti in Star Wars Episodes I and II.  Ms. Shoshan was available to meet and do photo ops with visitors.

An outdoor stage provided several forms of entertainment for visitors.  The lineup included a children’s Star Wars costume contest, a lightsaber demo/fight by members of the Rebel Legion, filmmaker Chris Macht of “The Force Within Us”, and music by The Klingon Troubadours.

This year’s event drew an estimate of 4,800 visitors.  Stay tuned for information about next year’s annual event!  Check out our gallery below for images from the event, as well as this video from our Facebook page: