NYCC 2012 – Hasbro Preview Night Party Thoughts

While ASM wasn’t at the Hasbro Preview Night Party last night, several of our friends in the website world were.  Let’s take a look across the web….


The big announcement was all about the rumored new trademark, “Beast Hunters”.  As it turns out, “Beast Hunters” is the 2013 subline for “Transformers: Prime”, much like “Beast Wars: Battle for the Spark”  or “Transformers Armada: The Unicron Battles” from previous iterations of the the toyline.  And what does “Beast Hunters” deal with?

Predacons.  Yep, this faction is back in the new Aligned continuity.  Hasbro showed off a teaser:


The first revealed Predacon is Predaking, but it doesn’t look like a combiner.  No, instead it’s a black and orange dragon, and either they didn’t show it transforming, or it transforms by standing up.  Weird.  We’ll have to get a better look later.  You can see pics at or


The big news came a few days ago that Rovio and Lucasfilm are working on an Angry Birds Star Wars game, and of course, Hasbro’s got toys to go with it.  You can see pictures via

To be honest, I’m ambivalent at best about this.  Angry Birds is a game I download when it is released, play for an hour or two over the course of a week, then forget about it.  I don’t foresee having the Star Wars license will change my behavior.  And while the “Early Bird Set” is a cute nod to the Kenner line from 1977, I have to wonder how big a seller this will be.

Oh, and the costumes? Good Lord.  The horror.


Hasbro continues the Muggs with Micro Muggs for Iron Man 3.  Agent M has a picture on his Tumblr account.  Cute!

They also had some new Marvel Legends and Iron Man 3 3.75″ figures on display, including Phoenix, Black Panther, Iron Man and more.  Check them out at Marvelous News.


And we now have our first look at GI Joe KRE-O.  Personally, I wouldn’t mind having a bunch of Cobra Kreons marching around my desk, under orders from a Kreon Cobra Commander.  Multipack these, Hasbro; you’ll make troop builders happy.  See The Terrordrome for some press pictures.

Now, let’s see what the rest of the convention has to show us.  (Oh, and if anyone wants to hand over their Kreon Bumblebee from last night, you know where to E-mail.)