Toy Fair 2012 – 2012 Toy of the Fair Awards

Well, Toy Fair 2012 wrapped up last week, and with any big show, sometimes you need a few days away from it to get a clear perspective on what you saw. So that’s what I did, and it totally was not me being lazy in writing a wrap-up post. Nope. No sir.

So, now I present to you the 2012 Toy of the Fair Awards!  Catchy, eh?

These are what toys and/or product lines caught my eye as I was going through photos.  There’s nothing scientific about this; it’s simply what I think stands out in our coverage.  This is not comprehensive of all the companies in our coverage; this is purely personal feelings.

Let’s go!

Bandai – I’d give the award to their Thundercats line.  I don’t collect Thundercats, and I don’t watch the show.  But it’s amazing how well this reboot has been received, and to that end, the toys look really great.  [Gallery]

Bif Bang Pow! – It’s a tie between the K-9 figure and the TARDIS playset.  After going to the Doctor Who Exhibition in London this year and seeing the recreation of the TARDIS, the playset catches my eye.  But how can you not love K-9? [Gallery]

CS Moore Studio – Both the college football mascot busts and the Jurassic Strike Force figures caught my eye.  The latter seems cool, the former is a “What the–?” item. [Gallery]

Dark Horse – Okay, we didn’t get pictures of this, but I will give mad props to the designers of the Game of Thrones – Danaerys Targayen Bust.  Google it.  You’ll see it on  It’s awesome.

DC Direct – I gotta give it up for the Dark Knight Rises Selina Kyle bust.  Excellent likeness! [Gallery]

Diamond Select Toys – This is a no brainer.  The Knight Rider Minimates and 1:15 scale vehicles are awesome.  Totally 80’s, I know, but that’s what I like.  Loved the show growing up, and I want these. [Gallery]

Hasbro – Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Bruticus almost made the top of the list here.  But it got edged out by the G.I. Joe Shockwave/H.I.S.S. Tank SDCC Exclusive.  I mean, it’s Shockwave, it’s a H.I.S.S. tank, it’s got Destro, a Constructicon-colored B.A.T, a suitcase of money, 3 3/4″ scale Energon Cubes AND an in-scale Soundwave and tapes?  Home frakkin’ run, Hasbro. [Gallery]

Hasbro – Non Action Figure – NERF Lazer Tag.  Wow.  This flew under my radar until a few days ago.  Lazer Tag using an iPhone/iPod as a Heads-Up Display.  Ingenious.  I think my friends and I should get this.  [Gallery]

Kotobukiya – I really like the look of this Spider-Man Statue.  It’s a great pose and very dynamic, like the comic page come to life. [Gallery]

LEGO – It’s gotta be the Lord of the Rings LEGO sets.  It’s about time LEGO got this license, and I foresee good things ahead for Tolkien fans. [Gallery]

Mattel – It’s a toss-up.  On one hand, you have the remaining Justice League Unlimited figures.  On the other hand, you have Hero World DC figures.  Too cute.  Can’t choose.  [Gallery]

Mattel – Non-Action Figure – Again, we didn’t get a picture, but I heard about the limited release of the Back to the Future Hoverboard and I love it! We’ve still got a few years to get the anti-gravity hovering ability, though. Get to work on it, scientists!

Mezco Toys – The Mez-Its just get better and better.  I’m surprised that vinyl figures haven’t run their course yet, but with items like these, I’m glad they haven’t died off. [Gallery]

NECA – Holy crap.  The Rocky figures are fantastic.  The sculpting detail is out-of-this-world good.  I mean, Rocky has blood spray coming out of his mouth like he was just punched in the head!  And the Clubber Lang looks like Mr. T. come to life.  Excellent work, NECA! [Gallery]

Playmates – Man, where were these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures when I was growing up?  Both the classic and modern looks are great, and I see good things ahead for the TMNT fans. [Gallery]

Toynami – Okay, I’m not the target audience for these, probably, but the DC Skelanimals are kinda neat. [Gallery]

Underground Toys – So, this isn’t a toy.  But among all the Doctor Who toys and merchandise, this TARDIS style watch is great!  I want one to wear now! [Gallery]


2012 Toy of the Fair – Best in Show Awards


I hate to do this, but I have to declare a tie!  The Hasbro Shockwave/H.I.S.S. Tank wins for the nostalgia factor of two childhood toylines coming together in a peanut-butter-and-NECA‘s Rocky toys win for the amazing attention to detail and just looking so lifelike.  Congrats to both companies for making me want to spend money!  The runner up was all the Knight Rider items from Diamond Select Toys — another nostalgia-induced choice, but I don’t care; they’re still awesome.

It was a great Toy Fair.  Keep reading ASM – The Geekly Rewind for more news, commentary and reviews.  And we’ll do this whole Toy Fair thing again next year!

Think I’m wrong? Think I’m blind? Let me know! E-mail me at and let me know your top picks!