Cyphan 2011 – Saturday Costume Review

This Saturday, I hit the floor of the 2nd annual Cyphan convention in Rosemont (Chicago), IL.  This convention draws a heavy number of costumers, and there was no shortage of amazing costumes to see.

Unfortunately I ran into some technical difficulties with my camera so not all of my shots turned out, but I was able to use the bulk of the photos I took, although a few may be somewhat dark.

A link to ASM’s full costume gallery is at the end of this article.  First, some comments on just a few of the amazing costumes I saw:


This trio is one of the most accurate Firefly groups I have seen.


Great Amy Pond, very accurate to the character.


Beach Trooper.  Always fun to see what variations of the classic stormtrooper that people will come up with.


10th Doctor and TARDIS Dress.  You can’t see it in this picture, but the light on top of her TARDIS headpiece actually lit up.


Outstanding Babydoll costume.


I’m not sure of the character, but I thought this was put together really well.  Love the colors.


There is always something to be said for staying in character, and this girl’s poses and facial expressions were spot  on for Harley Quinn.


Great makeup work on this Two-Face.


Click here to visit our full gallery of costumes from Cyphan Saturday!


Unfortunately ASM was only at Cyphan on Saturday.  If you have links to your own photos galleries of the convention’s other days, or your own Saturday photos, please share in the comments below!