#SDCC – Mattel, Weta, Underground Toys and More Hasbro galleries!

Good morning! We’ve just uploaded a new bunch of galleries! First, check out our Mattel coverage! We have DC, Ghostbusters, Monster High, Masters of the Universe, Voltron, WWE and more! Go to the main Main Mattel Gallery or use the individual links: Mattel DC
Mattel Ghostbusters
Mattel Miscellaneous
Mattel Masters of the Universe
Mattel Monster High
Mattel Voltron
Mattel WWE

Next we have Weta, featuring Lord of the Rings, Tintin and more! Head to the Weta Gallery

After that, check out Underground Toys, featuring Doctor Who! Underground Toys Gallery

Finally, we added a few more pics to our Hasbro coverage. See things added to the show floor since our first updates! Hasbro – More Pictures Gallery