BotCon 2011 – Thoughts on Breakdown

Yesterday, BotCon revealed the second toy in the 2011 box set — BREAKDOWN.

It’s not a surprise. After 3 previous BotCon toys, they should just start including Breakdown in every set after this.


Still, this is a solid toy. I think I like Dead End more than Breakdown, but this new guy isn’t too bad.

Breakdown (Vehicle) - via

Breakdown is a redeco of Animated Rodimus Major with a new head. And I know I predicted that Swindle would be the mold used — and I still stand by my idea as being good — and Rodimus would be used for Drag Strip, but after seeing this, I’m just struck with how well the Rodimus mold works for Breakdown. Sure, he’s no longer a Lamborghini, but the shape is similar, the spoilers are similar, and he once again comes with a weapon that deploys over the roof.

The only thing that I wonder about is the maroon/purple on his hood. While I don’t think we necessarily have to be slaves to the G1 deco, I’m just surprised they didn’t use red on the hood instead of the headlights.

Breakdown (Robot) - via

In robot mode, since the transformations are different, he doesn’t look like the original toy as much, but the similarities are there. Once again, the purple/maroon hood portion kind of distracts from the rest of the color scheme. In this instance, I’m not sure if they had gone with red I would have liked it. This just shows the constraints the BotCon team has to go through when redecoing a mold.

Still, this is a solid follow-up to Dead End, and I look forward to another reveal soon!