BotCon 2011 – Box Set Predictions

I don’t usually do this, but what the heck. We know one of the five Stunticons of the BotCon 2011 set, namely Dead End. That leaves four left that are open to speculation. So… let’s speculate!

Could be Voyager Optimus Prime with a head remold, although I’ve heard people say they’d like Wreck-Gar (possibly, giving him a new head) or Leader Ultra Magnus (doubtful – too darn big for the box set). I even saw someone wish for Voyager Bulkhead. That last one is interesting; again, it would need a remolded head, but hey, it’s possible. It’s going to be a bigger toy, most likely, since it is the Stunticon leader. I’d say go for Voyager Prime.

I think that Swindle could make for an interesting Breakdown. We don’t have that many cars to choose from in the Animated line, and the head on Swindle is reminiscent of Breakdown. I think the right paint applications would make this work.

I’m going to guess Lockdown. Somehow all those spikes just lend themselves to a psychotic Decepticon. Don’t think we’ll get a head remold here.

Okay, this is a toughie. We don’t have a race car in the Animated line, and we’re getting a yellow redeco/remold of Blurr in the Club line, so what to do? My guess is that we’ll get him using Rodimus Prime with a head remold.

Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if I get some, if not all, of these wrong. But it’s fun to speculate! Got ideas? Post them in the comments.