Hasbro Transformers Q&A – November 2010 Answers

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  1. Is there an industry term for the various catalogs, flyers, DVDs, comics and other materials sometimes packaged in with Transformers figures?  (All the stuff that isn’t the instruction sheet, effectively.)
  2. The “Cyber Missions” online videos have depicted Power Core Combiner characters, such as Smolder and Chopster, alongside characters from the live-action movies.  Should we take this as evidence that Power Core Combiners are in the same continuity as the movies, or are “Cyber Missions” a separate continuity which happens to have a lot of the same characters as the movies?
  1. Great question.  There isn’t really an official term for such items but we generally all refer to them as the same things, such as DVD pack, Comic pack, etc.
  2. While the Power Core Combiners have been seen in the movie-verse continuity, established in a Cyber Mission web episode, they basically exist on their own. For reference, the episode is currently available on www.transformers.com and www.hubworld.com.  The concept of Power Core Combiners can also translate to other continuities similar to Mini-Cons.

Thanks to Hasbro and Hunter PR for the answers! Got more questions? Watch for the next call for submissions!