Hasbro Star Wars Q&A Answers – Late April 2010

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  1. What processes do you use to prototype larger, interactive toys — playsets, large vehicles, etc? When in the prototyping process do they get kid-tested, and if so, how do you handle the prototypes around potentially-rowdy youngsters? We’re curious as to the behind-the-scenes processes of creating and testing these one-of-a-kind conceptual pieces.
  2. With regards to the upcoming Force FX lightsabers, how will the blades be made removable? Will there still be the string of LEDs in the blade, with a quick-detach, or is it going to a single, powerful LED in the hilt that will light up the entire blade?

  1. We typically build models out of foam to spec out the rough dimesnions and crude functionality, typically for demonstration to management for the go-ahead to proceed to tooling. Our kid testing for larger vehicles typically happens much later in in the cycle, as soon as early but functional pre-production product becomes available. We generally don’t test concepts for larger vehicles with kids unless the choice is between two recognizable vehicles and we can only select one for further development; typically, kids are not able to direct us meaningfully without models they can play with.
  2. The technology will be the same as the current non-removable FX blades, with a way to detach them light-bulb style from the handle. Each one will have a collar that will “trap” the blade in the hilt, and once the blade is removed the collar can be put back on. Each one has a sound, like a short circuit, that signals when you try to power it on but the blade is not connected. This is similar to the blade being shorted out by cortosis or something else that would have shorted the blade.

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