Hasbro Star Wars Q&A Answers – April 2010

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  1. Could we get a properly-sized Mouse Droid in the modern line?  The old one is way, way, way oversized, and hasn’t been available for years to boot.  The “Micro Machines” version of the droid is a perfect-scale iteration, and that’s ven harder to find.  It’d be just fine as a one-piece, unpainted black-plastic add-on “accessory” that should fit into the Vintage bubble easily.

    Thanks for the comment.  You’re right – it has been a while since we had a Mouse Droid out.  When we get a chance to pack him in again, we’ll look at your suggestion to make sure we get a right-sized one.

  2. Snowspeeder Luke’s grappling gun is designed a little confusingly.  Is the string supposed to attach to anything? What about the clip at the end of the launcher?

    The grappling hook is not meant to attach to any thing specifically but just as a fun play feature that helps recreate the scene.  The detail at the end of the hose was supposed to attach to a small detail on the belt but it was removed due to a molding issue in production.

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