BotCon ’09 – Kup Revealed

So, revealed the first of the toys today, namely Kup.

Wow.  He sure is blue, although the image looks heavily processed and probably not representative of the final product.  I hope it’s not, as it doesn’t seem to be the right shade of blue.  The orange is a nice color to go with it… not sure of the deco used, but it’ll work, I suppose.

He’s using Cybertron Red Alert’s mold with a new head.  The new sculpt does make him look like a younger version of the G1 version we know.  Don’t remember liking the mold all that much, and sadly, it’s using an alternate mode that is very much recognizable as an Earth-style vehicle.  Sure, there’s precedence set for that in previous convention toys, but still… kinda defeats the purpose of him being a much younger version of Kup.

And to quote Walky, “It’s not even a pickup truck!”

Still, I’m getting the set.  Wonder what the rest of the toys will look like.